Preview Icicles #5

Well now that we have this site up I couldn’t help myself and decided to give you all a small preview of the Icicles #5. so this is how i found this little gem the other night when i got back from work.

Icicles  5 glass dildo

Just laying there on my pillow, so i decided to take a couple of pictures and show it off before we do the review next week.

Icicles  5 glass dildo


I have to say it has taken all my willpower not to give this beautiful thing a whirl before the weekend. But I promised Hubby I would wait for him before trying it out.

All i can say for now is that the packaging and craftsmanship scream quality and look very classy.

Icicles  5 glass dildoIcicles  5 glass dildo


Thanks for waiting everyone we appreciate all the support we are getting from you.



3 thoughts on “Preview Icicles #5

    • Poor poor Sarah 🙂

      I have spent all day keeping Em off the computer so she wouldn’t start talking about this until we finish the review.

      But we know how much you like to be teased so I think you can bare it a little longer 🙂


      • You have no idea how crazy you are making me! All I could talk about during supper tonight was this new toy.
        To the point that my boyfriend asked to see the pictures to find out what has me so hot and bothered. I think I gave him to many detail about why I want it so badly.

        Let’s just say desert came early tonight, kitchen table is a mess and I think I need a new skirt.


        A tired Sarah.

        PS: still hate you for making me wait. 😉

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