Sincere Apologizes to all our followers.

As some of you already know we have had some major issues at the start of the new year with our previous hosting/domain provider. We lost everything including all our reviews of the pas year and even our .com address :(.

We have relocated here for the time being in hopes that we can take care of the issues with the provider and get our old site back.

In the meantime are new address is we hope our fateful readers will follow us to this new location.

Me and J will try to salvage as much of our previous reviews and put them back here. But until then I just received something new in the mail this week and will put up a review shortly. I’m really excited to try it out the Icicles No. 5 Glass Dildo.

With all our love Em & Jay


4 thoughts on “Sincere Apologizes to all our followers.

  1. Don’t Worry Em we know its been a hard month. I can’t wait for the new review 🙂 and i hope everything works out.

  2. I’m so happy you are both doing OK and back to reviewing again. I have been waiting before ordering the icicle. I never owned a glass dildo before, so I hope you give it glowing reviews.

    Love Sarah 😉

    • Hi Sarah! I’m so happy you found our new site, you are going to love this one i’m sure. I haven’t tried it yet and I’m already in love! Its so smooth and the spiral is much thicker than i expected. No more details until I tried it 🙂


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