Valentine’s Day Diary Part 3

Day 3:ย Februaryย 15th

Sunday started quietly, me and Jay woke up early and started talking about Mike. I felt bad that we didn’t have a chance to give him his fantasy and they would be leaving us in a couple of hours. I quickly jumped into the shower and got ready, a plan was already forming in my head.

I put on some makeup and fixed my hair, found the sexiest outfit I had and put it on. A Chinese silk dress with nothing underneath and some nylon stockings and high heels. This always gave Jay an instant hard-on, so i figured it would be a win with Mike as well. I slowly walked to the guest room trying to make as little noise as possible. (good luck with high heels on hardwood)

They where still asleep! I gently woke Sarah and told her my plan, she giggled and left the room. I then slipped my hand under the blanket and started hunting for something to play with. When I found Mike’s semi erect cock I slipped under the sheet and started licking his shaft.

I heard him moan as he got harder, I quickly slipped his cock head into my mouth and started pushing it into my throat by the time my tongue reached his balls I was sure i had this full attention. His hands pulled the sheet back and i looked at him, the surprise on his face was priceless, I pulled away and i heard a small cry of disappointment escape his lips. I started to strip off my dress and play with my body as i told him what i wanted him to do to me.

It was finally his turn and he would get to enjoy it. Naked I keeled on the floor and opened my mouth waiting for him to stick it back in. Before I had a chance to offer ย myself a second time he had me by the hair and his cock was down my throat. He felt even bigger than before, at this point Sarah and Jay had entered and where taking pictures, by now I had expected that Mike would have come but he just kept going and getting bigger.

dta2dta3 dta5


I have to say he was really enjoying himself, and just so you get an idea of just how big his cock really was in my tiny Asian mouth.


He soon pushed me on to the bed, head hanging off the side, and he started to ram his huge dick into my throat like it was a begging pussy. He started going deeper and faster and i knew he was about to come, this is when I expected him to pull out and cover my face with his hot juices. Well not exactly, I felt his cock head spasm and contracted my throat, this is when he decided to ram it all the way and and blow a massive load of cum down my throat. ( Bastard! ๐Ÿ™‚ but I did feel great probably one of my most erotic feelings in a long time)

He did make one hell of a mess, Mike you can have my throat anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

dt1 dt2 dt3


While Mike was helping me clean off I could see that Sarah and Jay had not been idle. I could still see some cum dripping out of her spread ass. Good for them I hope they liked the show. The weekend was now over and they had to go back home, that evening was a little lonely but we passed the time talking about what we did and most importantly when are we going to go visit them.

The End


Em & Jay

Valentine’s Day Diary Part 2

Day 2: February 15th

The guys told use to get cleaned up as they went downstairs to make breakfast. I started filing up the spa tub while Sarah hopped into the shower, I entered right behind her and offered to scrub her back. We quickly moved to the tub and soaked for a while, using a soapy sponge to gently caress each other. Eventually the guys came us to find out what was taking so long and caught me sitting on the edge of the tub legs wrapped around Sarah’s neck holding on to dear life as I started to cum all over her soft tongue. They where kind enough to let me return the favor before taking us down stairs for breakfast.

As we where about to get dressed Jay told us their would be a price to pay for our little play time in the tub without them. We would be spending the day naked and they would tell us how/when/where we would get pleasure. I have to admit this had me more than a little hot, I do have a tendency to like being ordered around and forced to submit. Deep down i wanted them to order me to take both their cocks at the same time. With these thoughts at the back of my mind my pussy was already dripping when i reached the kitchen.

Once we had eaten Mike told us to go sit in the living room, the sunlight was bright coming form the large windows and the sun felt warm on our naked skin. We lounged on the sofa so the guys would have a good view of us when the entered. Finally the guys joined us carrying Mikes camera bag, I guess they wanted to start the fun early, I was definitely not the one that was going to complain. I have to say Mike did a great job with the pictures, some of the portraits he did of me and Sarah are just amazing! Here are a couple of shots from that morning.

show1(Sarah on the left, me on the right)


(a nice shot of Sarah with her back to the window.)

As we started taking more active photo’s me and Sarah started taking about what our fantasies were. I was quick to bring up the fact that I always wanted to have 2 guys take me at the same time was something i never got a chance to try. Sarah chimed in that she really wanted to have Jay and Mike in her ass at the same time. (Thanks Sarah great way to raise the bar!)

With all this talk the guys where done watching and wanted to get a little more involved. (It was pretty obvious by the hard-on’s they where hiding in their pants.) Mike asked us to star eating each other as they took a couple more snapshots and got undressed. By the time the guys finally joined us I was on top of Sarah and we were both pretty wet. The first thing i felt was Sarah pulling her tongue away from my clit and something big pressing against my pussy. Strong hands grabbed my ass as i felt the long shaft slide into me in one hard push, as I lifted my head to let out a moan I came face to face with another big cock. Hands grabbed me by the hair and before I knew it I was being filled by both ends.

The guys where pretty wound up and it didn’t take them long to come. Jay was first filling my mouth, I tried my best to not to spill too much, Mike filled my pussy not long after.


(Sarah looking for a snack)

At this point Mike was able to get this amazing shot of me and Sarah sharing this tasty reward.


Once we were finished cleaning up :), Jay grabbed Sarah and pushed her back down and told her she would be the first to get her wish. At this point i decided to sit down on the sofa and enjoy the show. (I needed a brake anyway.) She quickly found herself face down, ass in the air, as Jay started to warm her up. Everyone knew very well that Jay was also getting what he wanted, it wasn’t long before he was roughly ramming his large cock into her ass. After a couple of minutes Sarah was really enjoying herself and Jay, in one motion, flipped her over so she was now on top of him while he sat down on the sofa next to me. I have to say by that time I had my fingers in my pussy and Mike was stroking himself slowly as we watched them.

This is when Mike gave me the camera and told me to start taking pictures, he then moved to join them and slid himself into her pussy. I have to say Sarah is pretty vocal when she comes. Actually we both are, but this was loud, she started trashing around and screaming as she came sandwiched by two large cocks. Before she got to tired Mike pulled out of her dripping pussy and added some extra lube before forcing his big cock head into her occupied ass.

da1(I have to say I am pretty proud of this pic :), yes I took this.)

And this is what she looked like after they where done with her.


After all this it was almost lunch time so we decided to take a nap upstairs and eat after.

When we woke up it was almost 3 pm and we where starving. We decided to go for a early supper and got dressed, headed out to find a place to eat. The place was packed and we decided to stick to acceptable public conversation. ( which means boring :), but that left us plenty of time to plan the evening.)

When we got home later that evening we decided to start slowly and pulled out the toys we where supposed to review. We had lots of fun just playing around and talking, the guys watched and took some pictures but it was a nice change of pace. (Even for me the last 2 days and been pretty intense.)

While we where lying naked on the bed the guys finally approached us and Mike whispered something to Sarah. she got up and sat down in one of the chairs. Jay came up to me and kissed my neck and whispered “it’s your turn” as he put a scarf around my eyes. The rest was kind of a blur, I don’t know howling it was but ย I felt hands all over my body, lips and tongues playing over every inch of my skin. Finally i felt a warm tongue slide into my pussy and I cried with pleasure, I grabbed whoever it was and wrapped my legs around their head. We rolled around until i was on top, that’s when i felt some hands push me down and something cold and hard press against my ass. To my surprise it slid right in, it was my favorite glass butt plug, the one that Jay always uses to stretch me before anal sex. It this point it was clear what was about to happen and I wanted it so badly that I started screaming:

“Yes! I want you both in me now!”

“Fill my ass and pussy with your big cocks!”

Well guess what, they did and I have to say I was great! I don’t know how long they lasted pumping me like that but I must have come at least two or three times. At some point they took off my blindfold and the moment I saw myself in the mirror with these two guys on me and came again, Hard!. Thank god Sarah was there to take pictures.

3 11

And this is what i looked like when they where done


(Ok I’m not a big photo person but Mike said this was probably his best HDR shot ever. I’m honored that it was of my ass :). )

Everyone was pretty exhausted by then and we called it a night, we wanted some time together the next morning because we knew that Sarah and Mike would be leaving before lunch.

Valentine’s Day Diary Part 1


First of all I would like to take the time to talk to our readers before I continue this post. You see this is the first time we will be sharing in detail of our sex lives beyond our normal banter and toy reviews, I know this is a little outside our normal routine but after talking with Jay we felt we really wanted to share this with all of you. So here are a couple of important points we want to pass along before I begin. Yes don’t worry I will be quick I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

1- All people involved are aware we are sharing this online and have said it was ok after reading the post.

2- Pictures included in this post have been trimmed / adjusted to hide any features that would make the people recognizable. (ex: trimmed to close ups ) ย Pictures are also of a sexual nature and are definitely NSFW. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m sure you will enjoy them anyway.

3- Sarah’s Boyfriend requested to be renamed “Mike” so Mike it is ๐Ÿ™‚

4- Everything that we did was agreed upon before hand and everyone had an enjoyable experience.

5- If you ever decided to do something like this be respectful and understanding with everyone involved. It makes things much more enjoyable in the long run.

Finally this is the first time we post something like this with so many photos of us. PLEASE share your feedback with us! either by posting a comment or emailing us at this will encourage us to continue posting more if we get interest.

I decided to split this in 3 parts, mostly to make it easier to read but also because its a pain for me to do it all in 1 post ๐Ÿ™‚

ok enough of this crap!


So this all started a couple weeks back when Sarah called us up and asked us if we had any plans for Valentine’s day. (for the new people Sarah use to live in our basement apartment and helped us on occasion with toy reviews) We where immediately curious since she had moved out of province a couple of months back we had not seen her since.

That is when she brought up the idea of coming over for the long weekend with her boyfriend Mike. We had never met Mike but she said that they had talked it over and he was ok with the idea, knowing full well our previous relationship with Sarah. So of course we where happy to have them over.

Day 1: February 14th

We knew Sarah and Mike had a long drive ahead of them on the friday so we got everything ready, wine and beer where in the fridge, I made some little dishes we could snack on in the late afternoon before supper. Jay reserved us a table at our favorite out of the way Italian restaurant so we could have a good meal without too many distractions.

Around 4 pm there is a knock at the front door. (I have to say i was so nervous, what if Mike doesn’t like us? or if he is not really interested in what we have planned?, or god forbid he is shy! ๐Ÿ™‚ …) Jay as staring at me i was frozen at the door,ย “Just open it!”. so I adjusted my dress, took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. The only thing i saw before I was squeezed into a tight embrace was a flurry of white dress and flame red hair. “Hi Sarah!” was all I could get out before her warm lips where pressed against mine, my fears melted and I let go of the door knob and grabbed her waist. We must have been there for a little while because when we finally pulled away from each other the door was closed and Mike was putting down the luggage.

Still holding each other tightly we sheepishly make the introductions. Mike and Jay laughed, seems like we missed that too. We quickly moved to the living room and got everyone drinks. Sarah moved to sit with Jay and gave him a long feverish kiss, I took that moment to sit down on the other so far and gauge Mike’s reaction to this obvious lovers kiss as he watched her pull her tongue out of my husbands open mouth. But to his credit Mike just smiled and took the space next to me on the other sofa. I gave him a hug and a soft kiss so he wouldn’t feel left out. That is when he really surprised me! He gently grabbed my hair and whispered to me “Em is that the best you can do?” OMG! here i was sitting next to a stranger, ok he was a damn sexy stranger, a man in his late 20’s, well build a disarming smile. And he wasn’t shy about speaking his mind. So I did the only thing an oversexed Asian wife in her 30’s can do when in this situation! I climbed on him, wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him what he wanted, while my mouth was busy sucking on his tongue, I started grinding my body against his hard chest.

When i finally released him and sat down we all looked at each other and just burst out laughing. The initial tension relived we started to chat slowly sipping our drinks, we had plenty of time between now and our reservation at 7. We learned Mike was a part-time photographer and had brought his equipment is we ever decided to take pictures during the weekend. Like all small talk the conversation slowly moved to more erotic themes, and what we had planned for the weekend. The idea was to shape the weekend around our fantasies and specifically things that we normally wouldn’t be able to do.

Before we knew it it was almost time to go eat, me and Sarah went upstairs to get ready while the guys finished their drink. The restaurant was quiet enough that we where able to sit at our usual secluded spot in the back, so our conversation soon strayed back to talking about our fantasies. Mike had already admitted to us that he had always had a desire to grab a woman by the hair and bury his cock down her throat. Something he told us his girlfriends had never been able to do because of its large size including Sarah. (She was quick to add that it wasn’t because she didn’t try, but her gag reflex was just to strong to overcome.)

Jay was happy to chime in next since I knew exactly what he was going to say. Jay is a big anal sex fan but has to restrain himself with my since he knows I am very tight and sensitive in that area. But most of all he knows I can’t stand cum in my ass, I don’t know why but you can cum anywhere on or in my body and i will love every minute of it but not my ass. Between two bites of veal he also let slip that he would love to see Mike ram his big dick down my little Asian throat but he wanted to take pictures of it. We quickly agreed that we all wanted lots of pictures of the event. By the time desert arrived, there where more hands under the table than above. The guys where rock hard and we where dripping wet, when Sarah dropped her spoon during desert we knew we wouldn’t see her again for a couple of minutes. It was quickly confirmed by my husbands gasp and the slurping sounds coming from under the table, I took the opportunity to slide my had into Mike’s pants and feel around for that big cock he had been talking about. I wasn’t disappointed when i pulled out his dripping monster, stroking it gently as we listened to Sarah finish off Jay. When Sarah returned with her spoon, I smiled at her while slicking my sticky fingers. She smiled back and opened her mouth just wide enough for us to see it was full of cum.

Check please!

As we left we took this quick pic at the entrance of the restaurant


(Left to right: Sarah, Em. taken by Jay on his cellphone)

The return home was quiet, me and Sarah in the back seat found ways of staying warm while the guys in the front chatted about their common interests (mostly use ๐Ÿ˜› ). We decided to take the evening slow which means the guys quickly had us on our backs with their faces buried in our shaved pussies. (oh we didn’t complain) The rest of the night was a mix of slow passionate exploration and frenzied acts of lust. All four of use woke up tangled together in our king size bed the next morning.

here are a couple more snapshots we took during that evening.

Touching brests(Left to right: Sarah and Em’s pretty breasts)

This took a lot longer to write up then I expected so we decided to put up part 1 now and continue with part 2 soon.

I hope you enjoy it

Love Em

PS: here is a pic i took of Em while she was busy, she didn’t want it here but I wanted to share her pretty face ๐Ÿ˜› -Jay


Pipedream: Basix 16 Inch Double Dildo First Impressions

So this will be more of a First impressions than a full review, since this was not one of our toys but something Sarah brought over for the weekend. Still we had good fun with it so i wanted to share the experience with all of you.


First off this is a 16 Inch Double dildo from Pipedream, its nice and flexible giving you freedom to twist it around as you need it. The thickness was nice and filling but not overly huge (aprox. 5″ girth). The ribs along the shaft where nice and thick without being distracting. The toy is made of thermoplastic rubber, not my favorite material but after the initial feel and became distracted with other sensations and I didn’t think about it too much ๐Ÿ™‚


First off we tried some solo fun with this big 16 inch monster ๐Ÿ™‚ i have to say its pretty flexible and i was able to fill my pussy and twist it around to reach my ass without any difficulty. Unfortunately for me and my tight ass this toy was just too wide to fit both ends comfortably. Jay was able to slide it in with a lot of lube but it stretched me just too much to be enjoyable. Sarah on the other hand had no issues and enjoyed it very much, she did say it was easier to manipulate alone then trying to get 2 separate toys moving together.

So playing solo with the Basix was good but only if you can fit both ends in. Personally i would go with something made of a different material and with a smaller side for solo play.

Here is a pic of Sarah taking this monster from both ends.



After playing around for a bit we decided each take an end of the dildo and try to take all 16 inches. First off both me and Sarah have taken some large and long toys before so we figured that 8 inches each should be no problem and we will be rubbing our clit’s together in no time! … well not exactly.

Both of us love the feeling of each ย others wet pussy lips rubbing together and the idea of doing that while we were both filled with 16 inches of rubbery cock was very appealing. For the most part it was very enjoyable we would take turns squeezing our muscles so that one of us could ride the other end.

Our only problem was this:


(Left to Right: Em, Basix 16, Sarah… ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks to Sarah’s BF for bringing his SLR)

No matter how we tried we could just not get it all the way in. there was always about 4 inches between us.

In the end we had enough fun that I am considering getting one for myself. But i will probably go with something around 12 inches so that we can get a lot closer.

I hope you enjoyed this First Impressions review of the Basix 16 inch.

Once we have our own double dildo we will definitely be reviewing it in more details.

Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone,

So here is our first post of many this week ๐Ÿ™‚ we had a very eventful weekend and it will take a little while to get everything in order.

First off I will be posting a small review of a double dildo we tested this weekend, we also have an update to the Icicle 5 review we did after the holiday’s and a couple other surprises.

We were lucky enough to have some extra hands this weekend and this gave us a chance to take some extra pictures we normally don’t take. Please let us know if you like these new additions to our reviews/posts with comments. If the interest is there we might try it again.

I hope everyone had fun this weekend i know we did ๐Ÿ™‚

love Em

Great News!

Hi everyone,

seems like we will not be idle during valentine weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Our dear friend Sarah is coming over with her boyfriend for the long weekend.

this will give us a chance to expand our current review of the Icicle 5 but also to look at a couple of other items we have yet to review.

as always please feel free to comment with any requests you might have, I am sure some of you have some great ideas of what can be done with 2 couples and a bunch of toys over 3 days. I know i do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love Em