Valentine’s Day Diary Part 3

Day 3: February 15th

Sunday started quietly, me and Jay woke up early and started talking about Mike. I felt bad that we didn’t have a chance to give him his fantasy and they would be leaving us in a couple of hours. I quickly jumped into the shower and got ready, a plan was already forming in my head.

I put on some makeup and fixed my hair, found the sexiest outfit I had and put it on. A Chinese silk dress with nothing underneath and some nylon stockings and high heels. This always gave Jay an instant hard-on, so i figured it would be a win with Mike as well. I slowly walked to the guest room trying to make as little noise as possible. (good luck with high heels on hardwood)

They where still asleep! I gently woke Sarah and told her my plan, she giggled and left the room. I then slipped my hand under the blanket and started hunting for something to play with. When I found Mike’s semi erect cock I slipped under the sheet and started licking his shaft.

I heard him moan as he got harder, I quickly slipped his cock head into my mouth and started pushing it into my throat by the time my tongue reached his balls I was sure i had this full attention. His hands pulled the sheet back and i looked at him, the surprise on his face was priceless, I pulled away and i heard a small cry of disappointment escape his lips. I started to strip off my dress and play with my body as i told him what i wanted him to do to me.

It was finally his turn and he would get to enjoy it. Naked I keeled on the floor and opened my mouth waiting for him to stick it back in. Before I had a chance to offer  myself a second time he had me by the hair and his cock was down my throat. He felt even bigger than before, at this point Sarah and Jay had entered and where taking pictures, by now I had expected that Mike would have come but he just kept going and getting bigger.

dta2dta3 dta5


I have to say he was really enjoying himself, and just so you get an idea of just how big his cock really was in my tiny Asian mouth.


He soon pushed me on to the bed, head hanging off the side, and he started to ram his huge dick into my throat like it was a begging pussy. He started going deeper and faster and i knew he was about to come, this is when I expected him to pull out and cover my face with his hot juices. Well not exactly, I felt his cock head spasm and contracted my throat, this is when he decided to ram it all the way and and blow a massive load of cum down my throat. ( Bastard! 🙂 but I did feel great probably one of my most erotic feelings in a long time)

He did make one hell of a mess, Mike you can have my throat anytime 🙂

dt1 dt2 dt3


While Mike was helping me clean off I could see that Sarah and Jay had not been idle. I could still see some cum dripping out of her spread ass. Good for them I hope they liked the show. The weekend was now over and they had to go back home, that evening was a little lonely but we passed the time talking about what we did and most importantly when are we going to go visit them.

The End


Em & Jay

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Diary Part 3

  1. Hi Em and Jay that was a great post we loved it Paul really liked part 3 🙂

    He says he would love to see you try to do that to his big black dick. Ahah.

    Poor Em your in trouble now. Thats one huge challenge.

    Love you

    Julie and Paul

  2. Em you really left an impression on “Mike” 😉 he dident shut up the entire drive back. He was so hard we had to stop for a quickie on the side of the road 😉

    Yes we definitely need to have you both come over next time.

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