New Style

Hi Everyone,

So for those that have noticed, lately he have been posting more explicit material on your blog (in reviews, and Diary) I am sorry if some people don’t like it but there is a good reason for this.

Well first off we where showing adult toys but never in use, so we wanted to change that and in the end we are all adults talking about sex.

Second is that we have been receiving pics from friends and they wanted us to share their stories with others (as we did in the valentine posts) so we added some pictures sent by Julie and Paul in our latest review because they where relative to the situation.

But the last and most important reason is because well… me and Jay are really enjoying the comments and feedback we are getting about our pictures and it turns us on to know strangers (and not so strangers) are watching us.

So please send us your comments we love to hear from you, and if you have any requests we would love those too!

Here is a little parting gift for you, we are going clubbing tonight and this is what I’m wearing šŸ˜›




The Monster

First off we are really sorry for not posting a new review for so long we have been very busy in the last couple of month but we are back on track and will be posting some new reviews in the coming weeks.


This might need a little explanation before we start. For the people that have been following us you know we have a small group of readers that are good friends and even sometimes join us to test new toys (yes we are talking about you Sarah). After our valentines day reviews and diary we started to talk with anotherĀ coupleĀ here Julie and Paul, they where very interested in meeting us and Em made a joke about wanted a big black cock ( Paul’s specifically) for a couple of weeks after this conversation it became a running joke and I promised Em that we would meet them for her birthday and have some of Paul’s well endowed buddies come along. Since Em’s birthday is only in August I decided to play a little joke on her and buy her a new toy to test.

this was it:Ā Meet the Doc Johnson



At 14″ long and 3″ wide it would make anyone feel inadequate :). Julie told us that Em would need to prepare for Paul and if figured this would do it. (seriously I i figured we would just have a good laugh and put it in our collection as a curiosity)

Doc Johnson: Realistic Bam Cock



  • Length – 14 1/2″
  • Insertable length – 10″
  • Girth – 8 1/4″ around
  • Width – 3″
  • Material – SilAgel enhanced UR5 rubber
  • Special features – Extra large, suction base, travel bag and autographed photo included
  • Color – Black flesh

This specific model was bought at online store.

The packaging was very ordinary but it came with a Travel bag and is equipped with a suction cup.

When I told Paul what I had picked up he told me to put these pictures with it so Em would know what she was getting into.

(posted with Julie and Paul’s approval)




So I packed all 3 items in a nice “big” box with a bow and set it on the bed for her to find when she got back from work.

I was expecting a angry/funny Txt message by 5pm since Em always gets home 2 hrs before I do. But nothing, no word, when I finally arrived at home after 7 I discovered why.

What I had given her as a joke was taken as a challenge! I snapped this pic with my phone when i got home because i couldn’t believe it.













All I can say is that it was a sight to behold :), now I will let Em tell you what she thought of this big monster.

Em’s Review

Ok so YES this thing is massive, but if your warmed up enough wow does it feel good.Ā First off this thing is damn intimidating and definitely not for the novice. It took me a good 45 min with a lot of lube to get worked up enough to fit just the head. At most i was able to fit about half the length so about 6-7 inches. By the time I had reached that point it was too much for me.

It took me about 3 days to recover after that first time. But now I have used it maybe 3-4 times and it’s easier to manage. Still cant get it any deeper but once I get the head inside me It just slides all the way in and I cum soon after.

Its one hell of a toy that all I can say, I would never have bought this myself just because it looks soooo massive! but every once in a while if I want a big thrill I will grab it with both hands and stick it on the floor.

The suction cup, is pretty sturdy and will hold on to most surfaces, Tub, hardwood floor, etc. i did have a hard time getting it to stick on my bedroom wall but that might just be me. For me it was hard to use it in the tub just because its so big and I couldn’t find a comfortable position for it. Bedroom floor was the best, because I could hang on to the bed while riding it.

I have to say thanks to Julie and Paul for the pics they shared with us that really got me going that first night. I think I’m ready for you, just don’t even think about inserting that monster in my ass, no way its going to fit šŸ™‚ I will leave that to Julie. That is impressive BTW. šŸ˜‰


Overall itsĀ fun toy, not something for the everyday session. More of a novelty than anything else, I would still prefer a glass dildo or more normal sized vibrator.


  • Solid Suction cup.
  • Nice texture.
  • Not too expensive
  • Perfect if you like them big.


  • Its really big and intimidating.
  • Can’t use the full length.
  • Takes a lot of lubrication.
  • Very large surface to clean.

Thanks everyone.


I have to say that when I found her I was stiff like a board before I took the first pic so by the time she pulled that big dripping monster out I was ready to blow and half way into her mouth. This is what she looked like when i was done with Em. – Jay