New Style

Hi Everyone,

So for those that have noticed, lately he have been posting more explicit material on your blog (in reviews, and Diary) I am sorry if some people don’t like it but there is a good reason for this.

Well first off we where showing adult toys but never in use, so we wanted to change that and in the end we are all adults talking about sex.

Second is that we have been receiving pics from friends and they wanted us to share their stories with others (as we did in the valentine posts) so we added some pictures sent by Julie and Paul in our latest review because they where relative to the situation.

But the last and most important reason is because well… me and Jay are really enjoying the comments and feedback we are getting about our pictures and it turns us on to know strangers (and not so strangers) are watching us.

So please send us your comments we love to hear from you, and if you have any requests we would love those too!

Here is a little parting gift for you, we are going clubbing tonight and this is what I’m wearing 😛




2 thoughts on “New Style

  1. Hey you two, nice to see your back from your trip hope you had fun last night 🙂 maybe share with us how it went 🙂



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