Surprise guest this week!

Hi everyone, this week we where almost ready to post a new Diary entry about our night out clubbing but we where sidetracked by pleasant surprise. My old college roommate Yuki was in town on a business trip and decided to stay a couple of days with us.

I have to say me and Yuki where pretty wild in college back in Tokyo, its about that time that I meet Jay. The 3 of us have many fond memories of that time and it was great to see her again. She came bearing gifts that we will be uploading the review soon.

She also wants to write a guest post on our blog to share some of her adventures, so that will be up in a couple of weeks once she gets back home to Japan.

She also brought some old pictures I had completely forgot about, so you will be able to see a younger me and Jay (and Yuki) while we where all in Japan. I will be writing up that story and posting the pics soon.

here is something to wet your appetite, and yes that is me getting pumped by a strap on.




Love Em.

4 thoughts on “Surprise guest this week!

  1. REALLY Yuki came to visit, I soo wanted to finally meet her 😦 I can’t wait to hear about all the trouble you two (or should i say 3) of you got into 🙂

    please keep us posted. I knew you had started playing with toys when you where in college but you never told me about this 😛


    • yea was a surprise we where not expecting her but it was … very… enjoyable.

      I dident realize how much I missed her, we promised to come visit her next year 🙂


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