The Night Club

Last night we decided to go clubbing, this is something we haven’t done in a long time and decided it might be fun. We where planing to meet some friends there around 10 so I had plenty of time to get ready. After supper I went upstairs to take a long warm bath that Jay had prepared for me. Jay likes to pick cloth for me to wear when we go out like this so I left him to explore the closet and went to relax. As I walked around naked passed the mirror i couldn’t resist moving my hands across my body, when i pressed my fingers against my pussy  I realized i needed a shave. Normally that’s Jay’s job but I decided to surprise him.

So I sat on the edge of the steaming tub and lathered up my pussy with the hot water an cream.

Once i was done I spent some time in the bath rubbing some oil on my bald pussy and enjoying the feeling of my wet fingers against my skin. I guess I took too long since Jay came in to see what was going on and found me spread wide playing with myself. He wasn’t to happy because we would now be late. But he still took the time to grab me by the hair and make me suck his already throbbing erection.

Once we where done messing around I went to see what I would be wearing tonight. Jay had taken out my black one-piece dress with the very low cut lacy bustier like top. I always feel like my breast are 2 sizes larger in this thing and begging to pop out for all to see. I think that’s why Jay like it so much :). To finish the outfit a pair of mid thigh stockings and my “bend over and do me”  (or so Jay calls them) 6″ high heels.

Pretty hot if I do say so myself 🙂


We took a taxi to the club we were already 30 min late and wanted to avoid having to drive into town. Jay spent the entire trip trying to get his hand on my freshly shaved pussy, he finally got his chance half way to the club when the car hit a bump in the road and my legs parted to keep my balance. Two of his fingers slipped all the way into my dripping pussy. (what do you expect he had been teasing me for almost 15 min) I let out a soft moan as he started rubbing my clit and kissing my neck. My mind had just turned to jelly and I felt like I was going to cum any minute, so i hiked up my dress and spread my legs to give Jay better access. I whispered to Jay to make me cum right here in the taxi.

He sped up his motions and I started to moan louder as I started to cum, juice flowing from my pussy and on to the back seat like a faucet. All this time the drivers eyes where on me in the rear view mirror. I don’t know what made me cum so hard, this strange guy watching me or the fact that we where doing it in a moving car, but one thing i know for sure it was great. Before we reached the club I ended up having to take of my stockings and use them to wipe the seat.

When we got out of the cab the guy was so flustered he had a hard time giving us the total for the trip. Jay gave him a generous tip, and i let him a little gift in the back seat my wet stockings and panties.

We had a lot of fun that night at the club, drinks with friends, dancing, Jay was happy that I got a lot of attention from the guys on the dance floor. He would let me dance for a while watching, as some guys would get closer pressing into me on the dance floor I could feel there hands touching my ass or my tits. Jay would eventually come join me and I would wrap myself around him and kiss him deeply. The strange hands would go away and eventually Jay would go back to the bar and have another drink while the hands slowly returned for another feel.

While we where on the dance floor Jay was making me take some pics with his phone. Here are some of the better ones.

Em_tits upskirt upskirt2

(You try getting good angles while someone is groping you 🙂 …)

By now it was past midnight and we where getting ready to leave, Jay got one more drink and I hopped on the dance floor for one more song. As soon as I had reached the center of the crowded area a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and I felt a body pressed against me. His hands sliding down my dress as I moved to the beat of the music, his hot breath on the back of my neck . I looked at the bar knowing Jay would be halfway to me by now, but he was gone, his spot at the bar was empty and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I tried to turn around but the guy grabbed me by the hair to stop me, the same way Jay likes to grab me when he fucks me from behind. I relaxed a little realizing it has him behind me, so I played along, resisting just enough to make it fun. I eventually let him slide his hand under my dress searching for my pussy as I slowly grabbed for his stiff cock.

I had his pants unzipped and his throbbing member in my hand before his fingers even started probing my wet slit. Odd that’s so not like him, Jay knows me too well I should be halfway screaming by now. His cock was pulsing in my hand as I pumped it vigorously against my thighs. OMG its still growing, now Jay has a good sized cock and at his peek i can just wrap my fingers around it but now I could barely wrap my hand around it. I felt for the head and rubbed it with my palm, a cold surge of fear passed through me as i looked up and saw Jay coming out of the bathroom.

The stranger behind me must have thought I had just cum and spurted a big load of cum into my hand, I looked down as i released his dick to see this large black cock-head next to my leg the size of my closed fist. I just stood there for a min starring at my hand filled with cum pouring down my fingers. I went back to the bar and told Jay to follow me to the bathroom. I locked the door behind us, I told him what had just happened, he didn’t believe me until I showed him my cum covered hand.

I washed my hands as the shock was slowly replaced with desire, three times i was fingered tonight but not once was I fucked and my pussy was aching for release. I turned around and grabbed Jay by the pants and started puling out his cock. I had it in my mouth before my knees touched the floor, by the time he had my tits out of my dress I had him all the way down my throat.


We didn’t care that we where in a public bathroom we both just wanted each other badly. Jay dragged me to the wall by the hair and started thrusting into my mouth madly, before he could explode I pushed him back and propped myself onto the sink and told him to fuck me.







(top pic you can see my super heels :), bottom jay grabbed a shot of me cumming)

He was in before I finished asking and was grunting with the effort of not cumming. It dident last long we both collapsed onto the sink exhausted and spent, Jay’s warm cum dripping down my mouth .



We quickly left the club and went home, we took a hot shower together and lying naked on the bed caressing each other until we fell asleep. The next morning over breakfast there was only one topic of conversation… When are we going back clubbing?


38 thoughts on “The Night Club

  1. Hey guys, wow you two have been having way too much fun lately 🙂 Next time you’re nearby lets go party.

    love you


  2. wow nice evening Em, but you can guess what paul is saying 🙂 I will give you 3 chances 😛


    • hi Julie,
      yes we did enjoy it, I know Jay had a good laugh about my dance floor incident, and did a comment about having to go to the bathroom more often 😛

      Yay i love games… lets see:
      1- If it had been Paul behind me there would be no mistaking his big toy for anyone?
      2- or he would have rubbed his big dick between my legs not my hands?
      3- I know he would have turned me around and cum all over my dress probably covering my tits and face in the process?

      am i close?


  3. Wow you two know how to have fun wish i had been at that club. You look amazing Em.

    Jay is a lucky guy.

    Can’t wait to read more from you.


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