Request 4: Chris (Cum with Icicle)

So Chris asked me to get some pictures of me while using the Icicle dildo we reviewed a while back. Lucky for Chris this is my favorite dildo and I use it often.

Unfortunately Jay was away this weekend so i had to take them myself. That was a challenge. So i took a couple of pics while i was cumming.

Well something happened while taking these shots with my cell that doesn’t happen often 🙂 I squirted, and not just a little. I have to say this has only happened to me a couple of times so It was a miracle that i caught it with the camera. So please forgive me the bad angles and focus.

We start my Selfie collection with this one of me sucking on it 🙂


onbed squirtI hope this satisfies your request Chris, sorry i cant figure out how to upload a sound file but if i ever do I will add it to this 🙂





One thought on “Request 4: Chris (Cum with Icicle)

  1. Oh I approve big time that is awesome, you are so sexy. thanks for the pics. I will enjoy them later tonight 🙂

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