Update on recent events!

Hi everyone,

Yes we are still here, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and let you know how things are going. We have had a very busy summer and didn’t have a chance to post much.

First off everything is going great so don’t worry, and we have a lot of stuff to share with you in the coming weeks. Here is a quick rundown of what we will be posting.

1- Yuki’s visit, some of you remember that Yuki was here from Japan a couple of months back and we dident have a chance to put anything about her visit up on here. we will be doing that soon.

2- We got a chance to test out some new toys recently and I am sure you enjoy reading about your experiences with them (one of them i already posted a couple weeks back).

3- My birthday, ok… so a couple of months back when we moved to this site Jay made some jokes about getting me some big black cock for my birthday in August… well Paul was more than happy to offer some help. so a couple of weeks back me and Jay went down to meet them at a house we rented in their area. Lets just say I am still recuperating from the experience. The only thing I will say for now is that I got a lot more Black cocks that I was expecting!

More soon



Review: Turbo Glider


Hi Everyone,

I know its been a while since we did a review the summer has kept us busy and our Diary posts have keeps us distracted 🙂

This time we are reviewing the Turbo Glider Vibrator from California Exotic.


We picked this one up as an afterthought when ordering from Pinkcherry.ca

Packaging & toy description


Well the packaging was what we have come to expect from California exotics, cheap and inexpensive. But even if we have seen much better packing its not really what we are looking for at the end of the day. 🙂

The toy itself is a run of the mill basic vibrator, its made of plastic and has decent speed control. The shape is not too big so you can insert it and the surface is very slightly textured. The other big point is that its waterproof.

Em’s review

To start off I want to say I am no longer a big fan of plastic or rubber for my toys. Most of my collection has moved to glass and silicone. The main reason being for ease of cleaning and for comfort when i insert them in my pussy.turboflat

I tried to use this toy in the tub, and yes its waterproof and worked fine. I was able to use it as an external stimulation without issues. My problem was when i tried to insert it, for me i found it takes a lot of lubricant for this toy to feel good inside me. So using it in the tub was not really an option.

Once i was out and grabbed my bottle of lube things where getting better, I have to say that for the cost this toy could make a very good entry level vibrator. The motor had enough power to really get me going once i cranked it up.


J’s comments

Couple play

On my side there is not much to add since this toy is pretty basic and no real features conductive to couple play. Its too hard and difficult to use for anal or double penetration. The only real fun I got out of it was watching and taking pictures of EM. 🙂


And yes for anyone that noticed her hair is back to normal 🙂 but dont worry she is already looking for a new color 😛


Overall its a OK toy, perfect for the first time vibrator user, its inexpensive and easy to use. But there is much better out there, and for not much more.


  • Inexpensive price.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Waterproof.
  • powerful motor.


  • made of plastic.
  • Needs lots of lubricant for insertions.
  • Could use more texture.
  • Not rechargeable.
  • cheap construction.

Personally if i would want something to insert I would go with a silicon vibrator of bigger size or more texture. And if I wanted a clit vibrator I would find something much more compact.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.