Weekend with Yuki

Hi everyone,

Yes, yes i know a lot of you have been bugging us about our next post and I am sorry, I keep pushing it back 🙂 well I figured after about 1 year since Yuki’s last visit I should probably post some updates.

Guess what Yuki is here this weekend 🙂 she was back in town for business and spent the weekend we us. we decided to go out and party. here are some pics from our hotel room after a night of drinking and clubbing in down town.

It’s an image play by play of Jay getting a double blowjob and Yuki getting what she deserves. 🙂

EmStart Sharing Yuki_takesover Yuki_wins

Ok you observant people you spotted my hair is back to its natural color of black 😛 still haven’t decided if i should go red or back to purple. But i have to say Yuki is looking really hot in blonde don’t you thing?

Oh and yes that is my tongue cleaning Yuki, but i cropped myself out because my makeup was a mess and I am a shallow woman 🙂

love Em!