Weekend with Yuki

Hi everyone,

Yes, yes i know a lot of you have been bugging us about our next post and I am sorry, I keep pushing it back 🙂 well I figured after about 1 year since Yuki’s last visit I should probably post some updates.

Guess what Yuki is here this weekend 🙂 she was back in town for business and spent the weekend we us. we decided to go out and party. here are some pics from our hotel room after a night of drinking and clubbing in down town.

It’s an image play by play of Jay getting a double blowjob and Yuki getting what she deserves. 🙂

EmStart Sharing Yuki_takesover Yuki_wins

Ok you observant people you spotted my hair is back to its natural color of black 😛 still haven’t decided if i should go red or back to purple. But i have to say Yuki is looking really hot in blonde don’t you thing?

Oh and yes that is my tongue cleaning Yuki, but i cropped myself out because my makeup was a mess and I am a shallow woman 🙂

love Em!

7 thoughts on “Weekend with Yuki

  1. Dav I hope you enjoy this set it was Yuki’s idea to share it here since you enjoyed looking at her so much 🙂 Also don’t be shy and add a request in the request page and I will try to work something out when Jay gets back.


    • Em you forgot to tell him the fun afternoon we had. While Jay at work. thinking about the best way to get Dav off with pics. You know being watched has always been my weakness.

      • Thanks and thanks for sending me an email please send more. This set of pics is amazing and I have viewed them a few times and they really get me off. I have to admit that getting a double blowjob from Em and Yuki is my fantasy now! In my fantasy I can’t think about Em cleaning my cum off Yuki because I might not survive!

      • You’re welcome Dav, it’s a vicious circle 🙂 we get excited writing and posted about our life, our readers enjoy and get off on reading and watching us, and we get hot knowing people do an we post more 😛

        I think we can live with that 🙂

        It’s ok Dav both me and Yuki are trained in mouth to mouth …


  2. That is nice ! happy to see more stories from you guys!. and especially pics from Em, 🙂 really think you should go blond next time Yuki looks supper hot as always… When are you going to post those picks you promised from when you and Yuki where at university? Jay is one lucky SOB.

  3. It great to see you two back online I know its been a busy time but hopefully you will have new reviews up soon. I am looking for a new toy 🙂

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