It’s called payback Korean style

Hey guys,

I don’t usually post stuff that’s Em’s job but this time I’m doing it myself.

Hello from Seoul! So after Em’s escapade with the photographer last week, I told her I would get the girl from the office to blow me. If you read the comments she said good luck as koreans are stuck up and would never go for it.

Well I wanted you to know why I was sure as hell going to try.

I snapped this image with my cell while she was reaching to grab something on the other side of the desk.

Quick up skirt shot of this Korean secretary. Yep she caught me.

Quick up skirt shot of this Korean secretary. Yep she caught me.

Well she wasn’t too happy and started giving me crap. I could almost hear Em’s ” I told you so” Being annoyed as I was and a little pissed at Em for post I just blurted out:

” So what your hot, you have a nice ass and you’re wearing a short skirt”

“I guess my wife was wright your all a bunch of stuck up bitches”

Then she just collapsed into her chair and stared at me. “what!”

She told me that her ex had told her the same exact thing when braking up with her a month before. Oh great now she is a bitch with baggage… 😦 Β She moved on to asking me why I would take picks of her ass if I was married. I didn’t feel like giving her the long version so I showed her our blog and told her we where very understanding of each others needs and because of Em’s latest events while I was away she owed me.

This is when shit almost hit the fan, she saw my comment while going through the pic’s of Em… “Am I the hot secretary you want blowjob from?” ah crap…

screw it ” yes I would love to stick my hard dick in your mouth” she went red as a tomato. πŸ˜›

” but but it would not fit .. too big..”

This was getting funny and figured might have fun with her before she slapped me ” you would be surprised what I can make fit with a lot of practice.” Showed her a pic of Em sucking some black dick, she squealed like a little girl. now i was getting horny.

surprisingly she didn’t slap me or leave but instead looked around our blog some more asking if this was really my wife? πŸ˜› Then asked me what she could do to be less stuck up. BINGO… WIN WIN WIN!!!!

” well you can start by showing me a better view of that nice ass of yours”

and she did…

Now that is what i'm talking about take those panties off.

Now that is what i’m talking about take those panties off.

She stayed pantyless for the rest of the day. I still have them in my pocket actually. As we left she asked for them back as she takes the subway and didn’t want anyone to see her without panties. “Sit down in these stairs and let me see what you look like.”

It's fine can't see your shaved cunt at all.

It’s fine can’t see your shaved cunt at all.

Snapped a picture and lied through my teeth. πŸ™‚ well she does want to be less stuck up.

Waited 30 min and texted her the picture. ” you want to be less stuck up, lesson 1 don’t be prudish you have nice body, show it off and don’t worry if people see your shaved cunt I am sure some of the men on the subway will jerk off thinking of you tonight.”

2hrs later i got this reply.

“Damn you, all the men where staring at me and last 1hr of my trip home all I could thing about is if they could see between my legs and if they think I am a slut. But now I am home and all I can see is their faces full of wanting and you are right they might be thinking of me now. Damn you, I am all wet now. Tomorrow the boss is away we use his office and I will blow you good, show your wife and everyone I am not stuck up bitch.”

WIN WIN WIN … sorry dear but guess I’m getting Korean blowjob after all.


4 thoughts on “It’s called payback Korean style

  1. Good for you Dear, she is hot… are you sure she wont take a job around here I would be happy to teach her some trick about dealing with big cocks. πŸ™‚ Please give her a lick for me and tell me how she tastes πŸ™‚


    • Well its passed lunch over there did she get a good meal of thick cock and hot cum? πŸ˜› sorry it’s late and I’m horny, want to know how your day went.

      your dildo filled slut


      • Yes she did my love, and just so you know she tastes spicy like a tight cunt freshly fucked by a hot pepper πŸ™‚ I think she got more then she bargained for. Ill call you in a min, even got pics. will post it tomorrow when i have recovered. might take her a little longer than that πŸ™‚


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