Early Christmas gift

Hi everyone I got an early Christmas gift today and there is a long story attached to this. Hopefully it will be up before I go back to work in the mean time enjoy these image previews.

Merry Christmas!

Love Em!



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Weekend Drive

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you a little update we have a big post planned but haven’t really took the time to write it yet. In the meantime here is a quick glimpse into last weekends little vacation 🙂

Jay decided to take me out for a drive into the country, It was suppose to be a afternoon thing and be back home for supper. that didn’t go quite as planned. About 2hr in Jay decided he wanted to stop to admire the view, I had a good idea what view he was talking about but I played innocent and let him pull me into the back seat. I quickly found myself with a mouth full of cock and his fingers deep in my pussy.

That’s when he pulls out his cellphone and starts snapping pics of me stuffing my face.


Keeping hair out of my mouth


I couldn’t find my panties after this.


And a mouth full of cum.

At this point it was getting late and we decided to stop in a little town nearby for supper. My afternoon snack had gotten me pretty horny but unfulfilled so after supper with juice dripping down my thighs I was begging for him to find us a place for the night.

We found this cute B&B nearby and booked a room for the night. The door was barely closed that I had Jay’s face buried between my legs licking up my soaked pussy.

For half the night I was moaning and begging Jay must have fucked me about 4 times, I don’t know if its because we where in someone else house or if there might have been other guests in the room next door but it was intense.


Yes I sometimes bite my nails when I cum.


Jay telling me to be quiet on our second go or he would fuck my ass and make me squirt all over the bed.


He lied and filled my ass anyway. Just happy I didn’t squirt.


This is where I started begging for more.




This is when we both collapsed and fell asleep.

The next morning when we showed up at the table for breakfast we found out that both the other rooms next to us where occupied. I was slightly red at this point, one of them a couple in their 20’s smiled at us and as the guy asked if we had a good night the girl winked at me. The other couple (late 40s) dident say anything but the look of disapproval from the wife and the devouring looks from her husband clearly stated that they heard us also.

We cut our meal short and hit the road. On our way back I asked Jay if I was that loud the night before? He laughted and pulled out his phone.
” Dear you probably had every cock in that house stiff and pointing in your direction.”

And he pressed play.


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