The Weekly quicky 3

So here I am hoping to have a relaxing evening, take a shower and read a book. Well I should know better by now šŸ™‚ I was ambushed as I left the bathroom by a husband with a stiff cock looking for some release. He got it, and I was left to pick up the mess.

It’s ok he owes me now šŸ™‚ what a waste I’m hungry now.


This is what happens when I come out of the bathroom naked after taking a shower. Damn you Jay.

7 thoughts on “The Weekly quicky 3

  1. Nice cumshoot, splashed all over your boobs and stomach.
    You should always be prepared to be assaulted by a stiff cock, specially living with Jay. Not that I can blame him thought

  2. I have a little request:
    You dress up with a black bra with a significant cleavage, a white tight t-shirt with the four top button leave unbuttoned and a very short mini skirt whithout panties. You tease Jay a bit before giving him a blowjob allowing him to release his cum all over your face. Then, without cleaning the cum of your face, you both together to a supermarket and buy something.
    Lastly while Jay is paying you will flirt with the register man or woman, then casually dropping something and bending to pick it up letting him or her see your ass and pussy.

    Please write the walking bystanders reaction and the register man or woman reactions.

      • Well, I was inspired the day I wrote it so I might have send several request in one.

        Also I’m glad you liked they idea and thanks for trying it our. I will wait with a great deal of expectancy to your next upload.

      • We have been slacking off i’m ashamed to say but we have plenty of stuff to post so we will have to start up soon. I’m sure you will like it


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