Pre-Valentine Interlude (or if you want Boarder update)

So today I had the afternoon off and got home early, no one was around since our boarder was at University and Jay works till 6pm. I took a long warm bath to relax and decided to peak into my toy chest to see if she returned my Beast this morning after we left.

Yep its back, so I decided to have some fun considering I didn’t get to play with it last night. So I wrap myself in a towel and grab the Beast, a couple of other toys, my bottle of lube and make my way down to the living room. Once all set up I opened up the TV and put on my favorite porn.


After about 1hr I had cum twice and squirted once, and finally reached the point where I was loose enough to take on the Beast. This bad boy doesn’t need much to turn my insides to jello and I could feel myself about to squirt again in time with the end of the scene. The girl had just collapsed on the floor shaking form the massive orgasm as cum leaked out of her mouth, pussy and ass.The 6 guys with big black dicks where jerking around her covering her with cum.

I start to scream with pleasure as I ram the Beast into my pussy as much as i can feeling the pressure build. I pull it out as I cum and squirt all over the floor and living room table.

This is when I hear a gasp come from the hallway, Shit I dident hear the door open, I look up and see our boarder standing there one hand grasping the door frame with white knuckles, her eyes bulging and fixed on the floor in front of me where the Beast is in a pool of my juices and her other hand is covering her mouth, fingers glistening.

I finally see the growing wet spot at the front of her yoga pants, the little slut had been watching for a while. Without thinking I start stroking my pussy softly as it calms down. The movement or the fact that the scene had ended and she pulled her eyes away from the Beast to realize I was looking at her. She blushed like a 16 year old seeing her first cock, and was about to bolt when I said.

“It’s ok sit down, I’m not a prude, shy or ashamed. I was just releasing some tension. ”

I get up and towel off my legs, she is still standing there staring at my naked body. I grab my Icicle and come up to her, and put it in her hands with a tube of lube.

“You look like you need to release some tension too, take this one its my favorite, once your done you can bring it back up. I should be finished cleaning up here and we can have a chat. Oh if you need to grab my laptop in the kitchen on your way down there is some good videos on there too.”

I couldn’t resist and kissed her cheek as i grabbed my stuff and went upstairs.

15 min later when I came back down she had left the living room and my laptop was no longer in the kitchen.

And before someone asks, yes she did return my Icicle and laptop about 30min later. We talked for a while as she told me she found some pictures of me and Jay fucking on my laptop and asked me about the Beast and how I could fit that thing. We had a good laugh and talked about Jay and our relationship. She gasped when I told her I was bisexual and asked her if she had been with a woman before. This went on for about an hour until Jay got home.

Let’s just say she has been warned that things might get noisy this weekend and that if she needed to borrow anything to let me know. šŸ™‚

Happy valentines day



PS: I gave the Icicle a lick when I brought it back up, and she tastes sweet šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Pre-Valentine Interlude (or if you want Boarder update)

  1. What will you do now?
    Are you going to try and get her in your bed while Jay watches? It looks like his kind of thing? Or will you send Jay down to seduce her into having sex with him while you snap pictures from the door to post on here?


    • If she wants, but we never “try” or “seduce” anyone if she decideds she wants to spend time with us so be it. if not that is fine. and as for pics we only post pics that have identifying marks or faces with consent of the person.


      • Sorry if some of my comments yesterday sounded harsh Em, I was caught by surprise when I went through the last couple of posts. You see I am a student living in someone else basement and my initial thought was this could be happening to me and it freaked me out a little at first. But then I went through all your posts and stories and you are both amazing people šŸ˜‰ I spent the rest of the evening playing with myself thinking of all the people looking at those picture that could be me and it really got me off. :p


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