Things are taking a turn…

For the better I think…

So this morning I was looking for my Cell and I couldn’t find it anywhere, I asked Em but she hadn’t seen it since last night. finally I found it on the living room table ( I never leave it there). As I open it up I realize it’s the camera app is still running.

I flip through the latest pictures taken and this is what i found.




This is when I realized there was a post it on the table next to my phone.

” I know about your website, don’t tell Em and post these. I hope you like my shaved cunt better. Too bad you can’t taste it I head I am sweet, well I gave my fingers a lick and Em is right.”

Well damn…


8 thoughts on “Things are taking a turn…

  1. Well that little … I guess this is what she meant yesterday when she said she found pics of you and me on my laptop. I must have had our page open in the browser. I have to say tho that last picture really makes me want to suck on her fingers. But this does explain a lot about the latest addition to our community. 😉 Since i know you are probably reading this right now let’s not beat around the bush.

    I want to run downstairs and wrap my arms around you, suck your wonderfully round tits, bury my face between your legs and lick every last drop of juice pouring out of your shaved pussy.

    I want you to slide my fingers through your blonde hair and press your lips against my cunt as squirt my juices down your neck and tits. Then bring you upstairs so we can take a long bath in our double tub and spend the rest of the afternoon naked on my bed.

    fuck just writing this i’m dripping wet and rubbing myself.


    • I guess I was a little to obvious. My god Em that is the most erotic thing anyone has ever said to me, and the fact that it’s here for everyone to see.

      Yes! Fuck Yes… Come down now my cunt is soaking wet.Il keep it distracted with my fingers but god I fucking want you to eat me!

      What is wrong with me I see one woman squirting and all I can think about is how I had wished my face had been buried between your legs.

      Just fucking get here before I change my idiot mind.


      • I’m not sure what’s hotter, the pictures or this conversation between the two of you…

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