Kay’s first lesson

I know this is way over due but we are finally catching up with all our back posting, so please bare with us for a bit. This took place about 3-4 months after Kay moved it, she had gotten used to our lifestyle and enjoyed our company more than once.

But normally when I asked Jay to be rough with me, to fuck my ass or tie me up, she would sit it out and just watch. We love to be watched and she was definitely enjoying the show but she was clearly anal shy and didn’t want to try it just yet.

One evening while Jay was away she started asking me about how it felt to have something as big as Jay’s cock in my ass and if it hurt. I told her that once you get use to it it’s actually pretty good, but that i had much bigger in my ass. She didn’t believe me so I had to go digging for some pictures of my Black adventures.

We soon ended up sitting on the floor going through my toy chest to find some anal beads and toys. She admitted to me that night about how she kept dreaming about getting 2-3 guys to fuck her. I started her off with some beads but we quickly moved up to once of my thin glass dildos.

It took a couple of weeks before she felt comfortable enough to give Jay’s dick a try. It didn’t go to well, Jay was just too big for her small ass he could barely fit his head inside.



but after a couple of tries we loosed her up enough for him to fit.


By the end she was begging for him to fill her ass with cum. I guess I trained her well. It wasn’t long before she was walking around with a butt plug and asking to be fucked in the ass some more. But we will get to that some other time.




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