The Weekly Quickie returns #4

Yesterday I stopped by Jay’s office to show him my new push-up bra and outfit I bought while shopping.

Jay approved so much he fucked my mouth while I was kneeling on the floor so he could have the best view possible then bent me over his desk and cam a second time in my ass.

That was a 2 cumshot award what do you think?


Swallowing his first load so he wouldn’t make a mess.



4 thoughts on “The Weekly Quickie returns #4

  1. Wow, great view! Not surprised he blew two loads…

    Love your site btw. Only came across it recently but I’ll be sure to stop by frequently to read your updates.

  2. I think you know what I’m going to say (You should have guess I’m a tits lover) but that’s a hell of a view. No wonder you like to wear push-up bras (You have a nice size so with the push-up they must be very nice to see. It would be no surprise if so bystander or passerby leered to your boobs while you walk by the street. I would have trouble trying not to) and half cup bras. It’s a pity you have to put a shirt over them, it would be a favor to any passerby or bystander if you could go everywhere in only your lingerie (Got and awesome ass, no point in hiding it with clothes)…..hell if you could be naked everywhere.

    Got some questions:

    To Em: How is wearing half cup bras (none of my female friends wear them so I’m curious)?

    To Jay: I totally saw you blowing more than two loads. (Totally understandable, especially if it’s you who we are talking about. What happened?

    • Yes I do like to show off and I have a couple of tight dresses i wear at clubs without anything. they leave very little to the imagination. And Jay knows I love the attention. 😉

      as for the half cup I adore them (and so those everyone around when i wear them.) they give you the lift of a push up bra but stop just short of the nipple. perfect when wearing a tight top in cold weather ;).

      Jay wants me to let you know he would probably have made sure i couldent walk home if he didn’t have a business meeting with clients that afternoon.


      • I guessed it was something of that short, if not I’m sure he would have. I suppose neither both of you were lucky enough. Looking forward to more posts.

        Yeah, I notice you are very proud of your body Em. Though, it’s no wonder when you look at it. It’s only normal that when you wear half cups, everyone likes it, they are a delightful view.

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