7 thoughts on “Hi all small update

  1. Kay I thank you for your kindness of sharing your photos with us. But you can’t access, says it doesn’t exists. I tell you this to let you know.

  2. ok I think I have it fixed. I put the wrong link. let me know if it works.

    I’m so sorry you didn’t get to look at my site yesterday please email me and Il send you something to make it up to you. 😉



    • Now I can enter but I can’t see any photos or posts, I’m stuck in the about page. I think technology doesn’t want me to look at your pictures, Kay. And sure, I will send you an email.

      • Also, you didn’t reply to my question on what was your tits size (Either in inches/cm or bra size). I alredy made that question to Em, and considering you have also a bountiful bust, I’m curious about it. Unless, you don’t want to give that info, then sorry for troubling you.

    • No wonder you get asked a lot, there are quite the size. Thank you for satisfaying my curiosity, I hope I can see more of those awsome natural breasts you have.

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