Yes we are still here :)

I know we have been pretty quiet for the past couple of months and I feel really bad about not posting anything. I started a new job and have been pretty busy since the summer ended.

But that dosnt mean I didnt have any fun. here are a couple of picture of me showing off my nice tits in public. On two separate occasions Jay made sure I was not wearing any bra so he could get some good pics. Yes it was cold last September ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh and i hope you like my new hair do Red makes me feel slutty. No extensions for the first time in a year… and yea i’m never cutting my hair that short again.

Kay also wanted me to give you all a quick update on miss schoolgirl.

She definitely knows how to lick pussy




And not shy, we had her demonstrate her blowjob skills for our party guests. Jay says she know how to swallow and she took it in the ass like a pro.



Finally she got her prize just a couple of days ago.


Lets just say there is alot to post and we hope to have some of it up before the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚




7 thoughts on “Yes we are still here :)

  1. The short red hair looks very nice on you. Also, love the pics, I don’t want to think the number of guys who got a boner where you walked pass them in the streets.

    With the schoolgirl is nice to see her back, though we are expecting more details about what happened during this months of slince. It was very nice see her licking and eating Kay’s pussy and get fucked finally. But I’m still looking foward to the details.

    • Also, I see there isn’t much people doing request, which is a pitty. If nobody does I might have to request (Well, more like a request that is made of several requests) myself, even though I didn’t want to ask for tow request in a row, but going back through the older request posts I run into something Em said she always have wanted to try, which was brought up by one of Jay’s comments. This made my pervy mind to come up with this little competition:

      That Em and Kay got tied up on a chair, totally naked, and both Jay and Kay’s boyfriend would do whatever they pleased with them for the period of time the want (Only restriction, must be above an hour). The competition would go like this, if in that period of time one of them begged (No matter what type of beg) and the other didn’t, the last would win and the looser would have to obey all of her commands for a whole day. If in that period of time, both of them beg then Jay and Kay’s boyfriend would win, making them the ones giving orders for the whole day. If neither Em nor Kay beg, then Jay and Kay’s boyfriend would be the ones doing the obeying during the whole day.

      I know this request is of high stakes, so if you can’t or you wont do it, is comprehensible that you don’t accept the request. It’s just something that came into my mind.

      • I like how you thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ we might have to cook up something for the holidays but would need some proper stakes… this one seems to have everyone winning i don’t see a down side ๐Ÿ˜›

        Both me and Kay agree after reading this that we would both just beg right at the start and skip the hour of torture for a full day being used as sex slaves… we know how our men’s brains work (and your’s)

        But dont worry this has us thinking of something interesting.


    • Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least one of them got into trouble with his girlfriend/wife for staring ๐Ÿ˜‰ that got me real wet.

      Don’t worry Kay has been hard at work trying to put everything together this was just a small tease to get people interested ๐Ÿ™‚

      Did we get your attention?


      • Of course you did, as always. Seeing the schoolgirl and Kay going requiered a visit to the bathroom. I really enjoy seeing two women giving pleasure to each other.(Take that how you want)

        I don’t blame the guy for staring, how couln’t he, the wife isn’t very comprehensive I might say.

        If you just go straight to being sex slaves for Jay and Kay’s boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind either (Obviously, I got caught instantaneously). I always try to think something that is enjoyable for all, so I’m happy you like my thinking. I’m looking foward to seeing that ‘unteresting thing’ you mentioned.

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