Training the schoolgirl part 2

Ok I’m on a roll so lets keep going 🙂


A couple weeks went by after that last visit and we were getting close to the end of September it was still warm out but not for much longer.

After talking with Jay and Em we decided to give our little schoolgirl once last test, once Jay hear my plan he was all for it. So I called her up and told her to come over to the house that weekend. We are having some friends over for a party around 4pm and we wanted her to join us.

Well the party was actually at 3 but we wanted everyone there for when she arrived. Two couples that are friends with Em and Jay where invited, my BF was busy that weekend so I was alone but we had more than enough people. They all knew Em for a while and had been part of their encounters before, including our summer pool party (you will have to go back and check a previous post).

We told them there would be entertainment so they where all smiling when she arrived. She was wearing a little black dress that barely covered her panties.

When I got up to go welcome her she seemed surprised by the amount of people I guess she was expecting a quiet party with just us and hopefully some sex… she was almost right. This is what I told her:

“I like you… and I would love to see my BF’s big black cock fuck you in every hole…”

By now her legs where shaking she new there was a but coming

“But… I have one last test for you, either you pass and you finally get what you wanted for the last 3 months, or you fail and I never see you again” deep down I didn’t want her to fail, so I smiled and told her she could do this.

“Go out there and spend the afternoon with Jay be his slave and do everything he asks without question or hesitation.”

Isnt that his wife next to him? she asked.

“Yes and as far as everyone here is concerned your just an escort she hired to please him on his birthday. Everyone is expecting  a good show so don’t disappoint them.”

“If people get bored and leave you fail, if Jay isn’t satisfied you fail, if Em  isn’t happy with your performance you also fail. So now get out there and be a good whore, Jay is waiting for you.”

Boy did she make an effort to act the part, with her first actions we knew she was going to pass with flying colors. We where all caught by surprise. She went straight to Em and sat in her lap, wrapping her arms around her neck and started making out with her intensely. Then got up adjusted her tinny black skirt and said ” Thanks for hiring me to be Jay’s fuck toy, I am sure he will be very satisfied with his gift.” She made sure everyone heard her.

She quickly moved over and sat in Jay’s lap wrapping her arms around him and kissing his neck. It didn’t take long before Jay started ordering her around. We watched as she fingered her naked cunt on the patio until she squirted. Then Jay had her give every guest a lap dance.

It went pretty much down hill from there 🙂

girlsliketheshow showoff

It was one hell of a show when Jay told her to blow him right there. Jay has pretty good endurance so everyone grabbed another drink and watched her work his cock. It took a good 20 min before he finally blew a big load of cum into her mouth. After that we went inside for supper, he made her strip down and spend the meal butt naked. Everyone got a chance to dip their fingers into her sweet cunt before we got to desert.

By now the girls where horny and the guys where stiff, so Jay dragged her over to the living room so we could get on with the show.

The evening was definitely a success, our little slut got high praise from all the guests as you can see the girls got up close and personal. Now everyone was pretty horny and making out so we never saw Jay and the little bitch leave for some private time.

You can see the girls got what they wanted (and to be honest so did I).

So let’s go back to Jay and our little bitch (and let’s not forget Em following them from behind the camera). While we where all busy in the living room Jay had dragged her up to the bedroom. Let’s be honest I knew exactly what was going to happen, mostly because I asked him to. Let’s tick all the check boxes:

  • Was she a slut [yep]


  • Was she ready and willing [so far]


  • Shy? [clearly not]


  • Willing to fuck girls? [very willing and good at it too]


  • Can she suck [Jay says fuck yea and deep throats like a champ]


  • Now does she swallow? [with a smile]


  • Can she fuck? [again thumbs up]


  • Now what we needed to find out good she was at taking a cock up her ass?

I guess the answer would be Yes also.

Now here are the questions we need to ask ourselves (yes you get a say in this too.)

Now the important question is does she pass?

  • if not what should we have her do to pass?

Do we let her fuck my BF’s big black cock?

  • does she deserve some extra for all her hard work? what?

Should we give up on here and move on to something else?

Please answer in the comments we will let our followers decide what happens to her next 🙂


Ps: I know how many of you follow our site and have fun watching us but don’t post. now is the time to make your self counted if we don’t get at least 30% of our followers putting in a comment me and Em decided that meant you wanted us to move on. A quick “Hell yea let her have it” will do we want to know who really follows us and who dosent.



4 thoughts on “Training the schoolgirl part 2

  1. Just gonna say, awsome post. I liked that you used my idea of submission.

    Now in to the questions:

    Does she pass?

    She is close, but not yet. I feel Em should have a go with her in order to get the aporval, from what I hace seen in the post she hasn’t enjoyed the schoolgirl yet, so I think the leats she can do is please all three of you before she is allowed to try Kay’s bpyfriend cock.
    If I have another idea, I will post it in reply of this.

    Does she deserve and exta?

    Yeah, I think she deserves at least a combo of Kay, Em and Jay pleasuring her a little, or at least Kay+Em combo. You know, give her a little of pleasure back for her hard work.

    Hope to see more of the schoolgirl and I will try to come up with a request as everybody else seems scared of asking for them.

    • Oh! I just came up with this, but also you can have her shave her pussy. Don’t have to force her if you don’t want to, but it could be nice.

      • Also I came up with another request, this time I hace taken into account that both of ypu, Em and Kay, are slutty and that it’s better to be straitghtfoward.

        There are multiple request inside the request, still, but I think it will please everyone and you said you needed a high-stake requests. The request would go like this:

        Em, for example, would get fucked in the pussy by one guy, get her ass pumped by the other and she would give a blowjob to the last of them. The only condition is that the cum over her, the man getting the blowjob in Em’s face, the one fucking her pussy over her torso, and the one pumping her ass in her back. Then they would proceed to do the same with Kay. This can also be done by two, only having the guys fucking the pussy and the ass. Moreover, it would be even better if you get 6 guys in total so you can divided between the two girls and when they finish they can change girls. Well, maybe more so there is someone to snap pictures, especially when the guys are over with cuming, that is a must, although you were going to snap them all the same.

        Lastly, when Em and Kay are thoroughly cumed over (I didn’t specified the number of times that the process would have to take place, that will be decided by the guys) they will start playing with the other girl’s body and pleasuring each other, while still covered in cum. They will only stop when all the guys present agree unanimously, if one disagrees o he doesn’t choose a position, they will have to continue. Of course, the guys can jerk off and cum over them while they are busy doing this.

        So, as you see, to redeem myself from the last failed request I came up with another one. I posted it now, because it’s eaiser doing it on Christmas. Did I succeed in putting high stakes?

      • Great minds think alike Ferndinand 😉 and we should be able to cover alot of this over the holidays 😉 we didnt forgot your last request. I should be posting about it soon 🙂


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