Early Christmas gift

Hi everyone I got an early Christmas gift today and there is a long story attached to this. Hopefully it will be up before I go back to work in the mean time enjoy these image previews.

Merry Christmas!

Love Em!



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This will also let us know what you want to see more of.


Caption this!



Your challenge if you chose to accept it 😛 is to create a caption to this image. The best caption wins and will get a free request pic of their choice. The pic will of course be posted here for all to enjoy.



When I get 10 caption submissions in the comments I will also post the story of what happened here. 😛

You will enjoy it i promise.

Our Photographer post made it on E-lust.

Kilted Wookie
Photo courtesy of Kilted Wookie

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Is it hate? Am I a fraud?
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Just Breathe


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Sex, Death, and Squirting

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Erotic Non-Fiction

How I Became an Escort
I’m 2 and 0 for the season
He fights back
Hands On
The foodslut and the semifreddo…
The Photographer
Ex-Nazi girl: my hand on the back of her head
I Belong To You

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Disciplinary Drives
On Filth
On sex positivity in public play
Cock Rings 101
A New Scene

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

The Fuck Feast Sexual Literacy Test
Sex Toys in Relationships — Yes, it’s OK.
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Don’t catfish: Be you.

Writing About Writing

On Jackie
Trigger Warnings (revisited)

Erotic Fiction

This would be fun
The Fucking Machine.
Erotic Fiction…With Aura
A Little Romance
Domination Dreams
My Pretty Dead Ones

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

5 Hilarious Pieces of Anti-Sex Propaganda
19 Reasons to Cheat on Your Boyfriend


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Contest: Updating pictures

Hi everyone,

so i started playing around with this page more and discovered that i can set it up so that each image will link to its full size version on its own page including title, description and possibility for comments.

I will start making my way backwards through all our images and fix this, making it better to search / find images but also you will be able to comment directly on the images so we can know what you like about them.

This might take a while but please comment on the ones we have done so we know we are doing something worth while 🙂

To help me test out this new setup I will post a picture here and everyone needs to click it and go add a comment on the picture page. Your challenge if you chose to accept it 😛 is to create a caption to this image. The best caption wins and will get a free request pic of their choice. The pic will of course be posted here for all to enjoy.







Update on recent events!

Hi everyone,

Yes we are still here, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and let you know how things are going. We have had a very busy summer and didn’t have a chance to post much.

First off everything is going great so don’t worry, and we have a lot of stuff to share with you in the coming weeks. Here is a quick rundown of what we will be posting.

1- Yuki’s visit, some of you remember that Yuki was here from Japan a couple of months back and we dident have a chance to put anything about her visit up on here. we will be doing that soon.

2- We got a chance to test out some new toys recently and I am sure you enjoy reading about your experiences with them (one of them i already posted a couple weeks back).

3- My birthday, ok… so a couple of months back when we moved to this site Jay made some jokes about getting me some big black cock for my birthday in August… well Paul was more than happy to offer some help. so a couple of weeks back me and Jay went down to meet them at a house we rented in their area. Lets just say I am still recuperating from the experience. The only thing I will say for now is that I got a lot more Black cocks that I was expecting!

More soon



Taking special requests

Hi everyone,

So with us getting published in eLust again this month I decided to invite all the people that will be on our site to stop here an post a special picture request, It can be anything at all (ok almost anything) and we will do it and post it up for everyone.

Just post them in the comments below.

Depending on the amount of requests we will pick up to 5 requests and do the pictures that will be shared on a future post.

So get your dirty creative minds flowing!


Yuki_PublicCum2(Picture curtesy of Yuki -posted with permission- Jerking a stranger in public.)