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Pipedream: Basix 16 Inch Double Dildo First Impressions

So this will be more of a First impressions than a full review, since this was not one of our toys but something Sarah brought over for the weekend. Still we had good fun with it so i wanted to share the experience with all of you.


First off this is a 16 Inch Double dildo from Pipedream, its nice and flexible giving you freedom to twist it around as you need it. The thickness was nice and filling but not overly huge (aprox. 5″ girth). The ribs along the shaft where nice and thick without being distracting. The toy is made of thermoplastic rubber, not my favorite material but after the initial feel and became distracted with other sensations and I didn’t think about it too much πŸ™‚


First off we tried some solo fun with this big 16 inch monster πŸ™‚ i have to say its pretty flexible and i was able to fill my pussy and twist it around to reach my ass without any difficulty. Unfortunately for me and my tight ass this toy was just too wide to fit both ends comfortably. Jay was able to slide it in with a lot of lube but it stretched me just too much to be enjoyable. Sarah on the other hand had no issues and enjoyed it very much, she did say it was easier to manipulate alone then trying to get 2 separate toys moving together.

So playing solo with the Basix was good but only if you can fit both ends in. Personally i would go with something made of a different material and with a smaller side for solo play.

Here is a pic of Sarah taking this monster from both ends.



After playing around for a bit we decided each take an end of the dildo and try to take all 16 inches. First off both me and Sarah have taken some large and long toys before so we figured that 8 inches each should be no problem and we will be rubbing our clit’s together in no time! … well not exactly.

Both of us love the feeling of each Β others wet pussy lips rubbing together and the idea of doing that while we were both filled with 16 inches of rubbery cock was very appealing. For the most part it was very enjoyable we would take turns squeezing our muscles so that one of us could ride the other end.

Our only problem was this:


(Left to Right: Em, Basix 16, Sarah… πŸ™‚ thanks to Sarah’s BF for bringing his SLR)

No matter how we tried we could just not get it all the way in. there was always about 4 inches between us.

In the end we had enough fun that I am considering getting one for myself. But i will probably go with something around 12 inches so that we can get a lot closer.

I hope you enjoyed this First Impressions review of the Basix 16 inch.

Once we have our own double dildo we will definitely be reviewing it in more details.

Preview Icicles #5

Well now that we have this site up I couldn’t help myself and decided to give you all a small preview of the Icicles #5. so this is how i found this little gem the other night when i got back from work.

Icicles  5 glass dildo

Just laying there on my pillow, so i decided to take a couple of pictures and show it off before we do the review next week.

Icicles  5 glass dildo


I have to say it has taken all my willpower not to give this beautiful thing a whirl before the weekend. But I promised Hubby I would wait for him before trying it out.

All i can say for now is that the packaging and craftsmanship scream quality and look very classy.

Icicles  5 glass dildoIcicles  5 glass dildo


Thanks for waiting everyone we appreciate all the support we are getting from you.