Review: Bust it realistic cock

Ok so we havent done one of these for a very long time and with Jay away this week I guess it was the perfect time to trying this out with Kay.

So two birds with one stone 😉 Chris what was going to be a couple of pics turned into a full toy review so I hope you enjoy.

We will be doing a double review first off the Bust it squirting realistic cock

yea you can guess what it does 😉

Our second item is Splooge juice a cum like lubricant

We picked this one up at our favorite online store a while back but never really took it out of the box.

Packaging & toy description


Well the packaging was pretty ordinary. A box 🙂, but it did come with a storage pouch so that’s a plus. It lets you keep everything in one place the toy, pump and your favorite cum lubricant. It comes with a small bottle of Bust it nut butter but we ended up buying a bottle of Splooge juice (pretty much the same thing)

This toy is on par with most other realistic dildos from doc Johnson, textured veins and tapered head. It has a removable suction cup and will work with the vac-u-lock harness.

You should know that the Cum lubricant only comes in bottles of 4oz

Em’s review

So with Jay out of town this weekend we decided to try this thing out first off its nice and hefty its about 9″ long, 2″ wide and weighs about a pound. Its firm but still has some give so it feels good and realistic when its in you. They did a pretty decent job with the texture you can feel the ridge of the head and veins as it moves inside you.


Em sucking on a strap-on


Kay ripping nylons and licking pussy.

The suction cup does its job and can hold the weigh well. We both tried it solo at first and where slightly disappointed by the squirting. Ok for those that have no idea what I am talking about this dildo has a tube from tip to base that you attach to a hand pump, you can fill the had pump with a textured lubricant that mimics cum and when you press the pump it makes the dildo squirt.


Lay Back and enjoy

So when we tried it solo we found the pressure and intensity kind of underwhelming. It was when we finally started playing with it strapped into the harness that this baby really made us smile. First off its probably the biggest toy I have that will fit in my harness. So when Kay tried to stuff it in my pussy she really needed to grab it by the base to control it.


Is that good Em?

It was at that moment that she accidentally squeezed the pump and OMG I started seeing stars! Grabbing the base increased the pressure in the dildo and sent the cum flying. We actually tried it out in the bathroom to see the difference. When it was left alone it would only squirt 6 inches or so but once we grabbed the base hard it shot out about 3 feet.


Look at that thing squirt!


It`s all over the floor.

Overall we had fun but we went through 2 bottles of lube, it`s a fun novelty but gets expensive when you play around like we did, also a lot of cleaning up. 😉


Don`t stop! fill me from behind.


Shit that`s a lot of cum!

Kay’s comments

I enjoyed myself, making it squirt and having all that cum flying around was fun. The texture of it was ok but when it was on your skin it felt to slick and oily. When it shot up into my pussy, that was amazing it felt just like the real thing. That was by far the best part, my only down side was that we wasted a lot of it that ended up on the counter or the floor.


Kay get`s her fill too.


Overall it`s a good quality dildo but the squirting gimmick will get boring fast. The lube feels good and is water based but unless using with squirting dildo or you have a thing for sloppy seconds, there is cheaper products out there.


  • ok price.
  • good quality product.
  • fits in harness.
  • good size.
  • squirting effect is fun at first.
  • good quality lube that feels like cum in your pussy.


  • pump gets in the way when in harness.
  • wastes a lot of lube
  • Makes a mess, long clean up
  • lube is expensive
  • lube has unpleasant texture when left on skin.
  • squirting quickly loses its appeal.

Both me and Kay agree that it was great fun for an afternoon especially with the harness but in solo we would have moved to something else. On a side note if you have a cum fetish and can`t orgasm unless you feel some thick cum shoot into your pussy then by all means get this right now you will not be disappointed.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.


kiss kiss !

Em and Kay

The Weekly Quickie returns #4

Yesterday I stopped by Jay’s office to show him my new push-up bra and outfit I bought while shopping.

Jay approved so much he fucked my mouth while I was kneeling on the floor so he could have the best view possible then bent me over his desk and cam a second time in my ass.

That was a 2 cumshot award what do you think?


Swallowing his first load so he wouldn’t make a mess.



The Weekly quicky 3

So here I am hoping to have a relaxing evening, take a shower and read a book. Well I should know better by now 🙂 I was ambushed as I left the bathroom by a husband with a stiff cock looking for some release. He got it, and I was left to pick up the mess.

It’s ok he owes me now 🙂 what a waste I’m hungry now.


This is what happens when I come out of the bathroom naked after taking a shower. Damn you Jay.

Request: Dav (More cum on tits)

So Dav requested another pic of my tits covered in cum.

Well you’re in luck because Jay on his return from Korea was more than happy to help.

Jay figured I still owed him for that whole photographer thing and he first torture he decided to put me through was to strip me naked and leave me on the living room floor holding a tray. He was in a bossy mood and I kind of liked it. 🙂 He told me to shut up and not move or he would tie me up on a chair. (ok now I’m curious, I had told Jay once I always wanted to try being tied up but it never was his thing. for him to bring it up got me nice and moist.)

But wanting to be the good wife I stayed quiet, he loaded up some of our porn collection on the TV and left the room. He made it clear I was not to move or touch myself. Bastard!

15 min later he came back to find me sitting in a puddle of my own juices. He pulled his dick out and stuck it down my throat. He quickly came and filled my mouth. ” NO swallowing, NO spitting…” ah crap.

He sits on the sofa and I can hear him slowly jerking his cock hard again, load after load he would come over and shooting into my mouth until it started to pour out onto my tits and down on the tray. I must have stayed there on the floor for over 1hr. He must have blew 10 or 12 loads of cum by the time he finally came back and took this picture. He then finally made me swallow and lick every last drop off the pan.

I was aching all over but damn had I missed his cum.

10 loads of cum for Em

10 loads of cum for Em

Enjoy Dav!