Request: Dav (More cum on tits)

So Dav requested another pic of my tits covered in cum.

Well you’re in luck because Jay on his return from Korea was more than happy to help.

Jay figured I still owed him for that whole photographer thing and he first torture he decided to put me through was to strip me naked and leave me on the living room floor holding a tray. He was in a bossy mood and I kind of liked it. 🙂 He told me to shut up and not move or he would tie me up on a chair. (ok now I’m curious, I had told Jay once I always wanted to try being tied up but it never was his thing. for him to bring it up got me nice and moist.)

But wanting to be the good wife I stayed quiet, he loaded up some of our porn collection on the TV and left the room. He made it clear I was not to move or touch myself. Bastard!

15 min later he came back to find me sitting in a puddle of my own juices. He pulled his dick out and stuck it down my throat. He quickly came and filled my mouth. ” NO swallowing, NO spitting…” ah crap.

He sits on the sofa and I can hear him slowly jerking his cock hard again, load after load he would come over and shooting into my mouth until it started to pour out onto my tits and down on the tray. I must have stayed there on the floor for over 1hr. He must have blew 10 or 12 loads of cum by the time he finally came back and took this picture. He then finally made me swallow and lick every last drop off the pan.

I was aching all over but damn had I missed his cum.

10 loads of cum for Em

10 loads of cum for Em

Enjoy Dav!



Contest: Updating pictures

Hi everyone,

so i started playing around with this page more and discovered that i can set it up so that each image will link to its full size version on its own page including title, description and possibility for comments.

I will start making my way backwards through all our images and fix this, making it better to search / find images but also you will be able to comment directly on the images so we can know what you like about them.

This might take a while but please comment on the ones we have done so we know we are doing something worth while 🙂

To help me test out this new setup I will post a picture here and everyone needs to click it and go add a comment on the picture page. Your challenge if you chose to accept it 😛 is to create a caption to this image. The best caption wins and will get a free request pic of their choice. The pic will of course be posted here for all to enjoy.







Request 5: Paul (Cum filled pussy)

Hi paul,

since you felt so left out I decided to get you started with these and i will add more this weekend just for you. 🙂

first off is exactly what you asked my pussy dripping with Jay’s cum.

driping pussy

and as a little extra here is a snapshot we took about 1hr ago after Jay got back from his business trip (he was gone for a week to Europe). this always happens when he doesn’t get his daily dose of me 🙂 It accumulates into massive loads of cum, and when he is back he makes sure i get covered in it.

facialEmI have a plan for a very special pick just for you Paul should have it up soon.


Request 4: Chris (Cum with Icicle)

So Chris asked me to get some pictures of me while using the Icicle dildo we reviewed a while back. Lucky for Chris this is my favorite dildo and I use it often.

Unfortunately Jay was away this weekend so i had to take them myself. That was a challenge. So i took a couple of pics while i was cumming.

Well something happened while taking these shots with my cell that doesn’t happen often 🙂 I squirted, and not just a little. I have to say this has only happened to me a couple of times so It was a miracle that i caught it with the camera. So please forgive me the bad angles and focus.

We start my Selfie collection with this one of me sucking on it 🙂


onbed squirtI hope this satisfies your request Chris, sorry i cant figure out how to upload a sound file but if i ever do I will add it to this 🙂





Request 3: Sarah (Butt plug in public)

Ok, first off Sarah I will so get back at you for this 😛

A couple of weeks back I told Sarah about a review I was going to make and she decided to push me to do it early because of the Requests post we made recently. I am currently testing some butt plugs, for those that have been following us know that I have a hard time with anal sex and that I have been working hard to stretch my skill set 😛

So part of that up coming review was to find a butt plug i would be able to wear for long periods of time (and yes even in public).

So here are some teasers from the review we will be posting soon.

upskirtgas upskirtpark