Review: Turbo Glider


Hi Everyone,

I know its been a while since we did a review the summer has kept us busy and our Diary posts have keeps us distracted 🙂

This time we are reviewing the Turbo Glider Vibrator from California Exotic.

We picked this one up as an afterthought when ordering from

Packaging & toy description


Well the packaging was what we have come to expect from California exotics, cheap and inexpensive. But even if we have seen much better packing its not really what we are looking for at the end of the day. 🙂

The toy itself is a run of the mill basic vibrator, its made of plastic and has decent speed control. The shape is not too big so you can insert it and the surface is very slightly textured. The other big point is that its waterproof.

Em’s review

To start off I want to say I am no longer a big fan of plastic or rubber for my toys. Most of my collection has moved to glass and silicone. The main reason being for ease of cleaning and for comfort when i insert them in my pussy.turboflat

I tried to use this toy in the tub, and yes its waterproof and worked fine. I was able to use it as an external stimulation without issues. My problem was when i tried to insert it, for me i found it takes a lot of lubricant for this toy to feel good inside me. So using it in the tub was not really an option.

Once i was out and grabbed my bottle of lube things where getting better, I have to say that for the cost this toy could make a very good entry level vibrator. The motor had enough power to really get me going once i cranked it up.


J’s comments

Couple play

On my side there is not much to add since this toy is pretty basic and no real features conductive to couple play. Its too hard and difficult to use for anal or double penetration. The only real fun I got out of it was watching and taking pictures of EM. 🙂


And yes for anyone that noticed her hair is back to normal 🙂 but dont worry she is already looking for a new color 😛


Overall its a OK toy, perfect for the first time vibrator user, its inexpensive and easy to use. But there is much better out there, and for not much more.


  • Inexpensive price.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Waterproof.
  • powerful motor.


  • made of plastic.
  • Needs lots of lubricant for insertions.
  • Could use more texture.
  • Not rechargeable.
  • cheap construction.

Personally if i would want something to insert I would go with a silicon vibrator of bigger size or more texture. And if I wanted a clit vibrator I would find something much more compact.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.

The Monster

First off we are really sorry for not posting a new review for so long we have been very busy in the last couple of month but we are back on track and will be posting some new reviews in the coming weeks.


This might need a little explanation before we start. For the people that have been following us you know we have a small group of readers that are good friends and even sometimes join us to test new toys (yes we are talking about you Sarah). After our valentines day reviews and diary we started to talk with another couple here Julie and Paul, they where very interested in meeting us and Em made a joke about wanted a big black cock ( Paul’s specifically) for a couple of weeks after this conversation it became a running joke and I promised Em that we would meet them for her birthday and have some of Paul’s well endowed buddies come along. Since Em’s birthday is only in August I decided to play a little joke on her and buy her a new toy to test.

this was it: Meet the Doc Johnson



At 14″ long and 3″ wide it would make anyone feel inadequate :). Julie told us that Em would need to prepare for Paul and if figured this would do it. (seriously I i figured we would just have a good laugh and put it in our collection as a curiosity)

Doc Johnson: Realistic Bam Cock



  • Length – 14 1/2″
  • Insertable length – 10″
  • Girth – 8 1/4″ around
  • Width – 3″
  • Material – SilAgel enhanced UR5 rubber
  • Special features – Extra large, suction base, travel bag and autographed photo included
  • Color – Black flesh

This specific model was bought at online store.

The packaging was very ordinary but it came with a Travel bag and is equipped with a suction cup.

When I told Paul what I had picked up he told me to put these pictures with it so Em would know what she was getting into.

(posted with Julie and Paul’s approval)




So I packed all 3 items in a nice “big” box with a bow and set it on the bed for her to find when she got back from work.

I was expecting a angry/funny Txt message by 5pm since Em always gets home 2 hrs before I do. But nothing, no word, when I finally arrived at home after 7 I discovered why.

What I had given her as a joke was taken as a challenge! I snapped this pic with my phone when i got home because i couldn’t believe it.













All I can say is that it was a sight to behold :), now I will let Em tell you what she thought of this big monster.

Em’s Review

Ok so YES this thing is massive, but if your warmed up enough wow does it feel good. First off this thing is damn intimidating and definitely not for the novice. It took me a good 45 min with a lot of lube to get worked up enough to fit just the head. At most i was able to fit about half the length so about 6-7 inches. By the time I had reached that point it was too much for me.

It took me about 3 days to recover after that first time. But now I have used it maybe 3-4 times and it’s easier to manage. Still cant get it any deeper but once I get the head inside me It just slides all the way in and I cum soon after.

Its one hell of a toy that all I can say, I would never have bought this myself just because it looks soooo massive! but every once in a while if I want a big thrill I will grab it with both hands and stick it on the floor.

The suction cup, is pretty sturdy and will hold on to most surfaces, Tub, hardwood floor, etc. i did have a hard time getting it to stick on my bedroom wall but that might just be me. For me it was hard to use it in the tub just because its so big and I couldn’t find a comfortable position for it. Bedroom floor was the best, because I could hang on to the bed while riding it.

I have to say thanks to Julie and Paul for the pics they shared with us that really got me going that first night. I think I’m ready for you, just don’t even think about inserting that monster in my ass, no way its going to fit 🙂 I will leave that to Julie. That is impressive BTW. 😉


Overall its fun toy, not something for the everyday session. More of a novelty than anything else, I would still prefer a glass dildo or more normal sized vibrator.


  • Solid Suction cup.
  • Nice texture.
  • Not too expensive
  • Perfect if you like them big.


  • Its really big and intimidating.
  • Can’t use the full length.
  • Takes a lot of lubrication.
  • Very large surface to clean.

Thanks everyone.


I have to say that when I found her I was stiff like a board before I took the first pic so by the time she pulled that big dripping monster out I was ready to blow and half way into her mouth. This is what she looked like when i was done with Em. – Jay





Pipedream: Basix 16 Inch Double Dildo First Impressions

So this will be more of a First impressions than a full review, since this was not one of our toys but something Sarah brought over for the weekend. Still we had good fun with it so i wanted to share the experience with all of you.


First off this is a 16 Inch Double dildo from Pipedream, its nice and flexible giving you freedom to twist it around as you need it. The thickness was nice and filling but not overly huge (aprox. 5″ girth). The ribs along the shaft where nice and thick without being distracting. The toy is made of thermoplastic rubber, not my favorite material but after the initial feel and became distracted with other sensations and I didn’t think about it too much 🙂


First off we tried some solo fun with this big 16 inch monster 🙂 i have to say its pretty flexible and i was able to fill my pussy and twist it around to reach my ass without any difficulty. Unfortunately for me and my tight ass this toy was just too wide to fit both ends comfortably. Jay was able to slide it in with a lot of lube but it stretched me just too much to be enjoyable. Sarah on the other hand had no issues and enjoyed it very much, she did say it was easier to manipulate alone then trying to get 2 separate toys moving together.

So playing solo with the Basix was good but only if you can fit both ends in. Personally i would go with something made of a different material and with a smaller side for solo play.

Here is a pic of Sarah taking this monster from both ends.



After playing around for a bit we decided each take an end of the dildo and try to take all 16 inches. First off both me and Sarah have taken some large and long toys before so we figured that 8 inches each should be no problem and we will be rubbing our clit’s together in no time! … well not exactly.

Both of us love the feeling of each  others wet pussy lips rubbing together and the idea of doing that while we were both filled with 16 inches of rubbery cock was very appealing. For the most part it was very enjoyable we would take turns squeezing our muscles so that one of us could ride the other end.

Our only problem was this:


(Left to Right: Em, Basix 16, Sarah… 🙂 thanks to Sarah’s BF for bringing his SLR)

No matter how we tried we could just not get it all the way in. there was always about 4 inches between us.

In the end we had enough fun that I am considering getting one for myself. But i will probably go with something around 12 inches so that we can get a lot closer.

I hope you enjoyed this First Impressions review of the Basix 16 inch.

Once we have our own double dildo we will definitely be reviewing it in more details.

Review Icicles No 5 (Update)


Hi everyone, welcome to our first review since we moved to this site I hope you will

enjoy it because I definitely enjoyed making it. So for the new people that are joining us in the new year we will give you a little background on who we are and what we do.

My name is Em, i’m a stay at home Asian wife in her late 20s. I am happily married to my husband Jay a mid 30s business executive. We discovered sex toys about 3 years ago when we wanted to spice up our relationship, after about a year we had a small collection of dildos, vibrators, etc. That is when one evening after a very ardent session, laying in bed with toys all around us Jay made a joke about how we needed to open up a toy store or a review website.

Well the joke became reality and 3 months later we had posted our first review online. Now 2 years and dozens of reviews later we are still here, on a new site and doing what we love.

Ok enough of this on to the review.

This time we are reviewing the Icicles #5 from PipeDream.

PipeDream have been in the industry for over 20 years making all types of toys and products. Icicles is there glass toy brand and you can find more of their products here:

Packaging & toy description

Icicles 5 glass dildoIcicles 5 glass dildo

The dildo comes very well packaged with a great looking box and foam insert for protection. I have to say this is probably the best looking and well made packaging we have ever seen a toy come in.


This hand blown glass dildo is beautifully crafted with a slight curve to the shaft, just under 5 inches at the thickest part and can be inserted to about 6 1/2 inches. There is a very thick spiral ridge around the shaft for extra stimulation.

Being glass this Dildo is very easy to clean just wash in hot soapy water, boil on the stove to sanitize or even just pop it into the dishwasher.

Em’s review

In the tub


Those who know me I love to start my evenings off with a long soak in the tub. If Ii can bring a toy with me all the better. This one was a no brainer, so when I got into the bath it dived right in with me. I have to say I was a little worried When I grabbed it for the first time. The ridges are very pronounced and I am very tight and sensitive when it comes to bigger toys. taking it easy to start I decided to use the ridges as a clitoral massager. WOW my worries vanished after a couple of strokes the ridges are smooth and with the warm water it made the entire dildo warm.

On the couch


Leaving the bathroom I grabbed a bottle of lube and move to the living room to watch some movies. One thing I really enjoy with this dildo is that it requires very little lubrication because of the lack of friction. The curve was not pronounced enough for me to use it for G spot stimulation. The ridges did feel good but after a hard session I did feel sore and sensitive.


Icicles 5 glass dildo

The wide base makes this toy safe for anal play but unfortunately for me the size was just too big to insert.People with more experience in this area might find it a good fit for them but the fact that the material of this dildo is unyielding makes more difficult versus something made of silicone or other soft material.

J’s comments

Couple play


Using this toy on Em was fun, we played with temperature by soaking it in hot or icy water. It kept its temperature for a decent amount of time, cold it had great shock value and she told me it felt like ice. But in the long term hot was much more enjoyable. I also had a much better range of motion then she did because of the light curve to the shaft.

Girl’s fun

The base does fit in a harness but we were unable to test how well it worked. Our resident helper Sarah had to move out of province for her new job, but we will still keep this section open and if she decides to take a 7 hr drive and spend a weekend with us we will add more details ;).

Girl’s Fun Updated (19/02/2014)

Well its already been more than a month since we reviewed this item but since we had Sarah over for the weekend we decided to update this review with details of our strap-on tests of the Icicles 5. As stated above the base fits well in the harness we have and was very secure. It generally worked well but was not as enjoyable as more flexible toys we have used in the past. The stiffness and inflexibility of the Pyrex forced us to not play as rough as we normally do. While still enjoyable we had to go slower to avoid to much discomfort. We both agree that we prefer something more flexible  and on the bigger side for this type of use.


Overall its a great toy, beautiful, slick, and feels great. If you’re looking for a glass toy for vaginal play this is a great place to start. Be warned it does get tiring to use during longer play session.


  • Quality product at decent price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of lubricant.
  • Anal safe.
  • Fits harness.
  • Ridges very stimulating.
  • Easy to heat or cool for pleasurable effect.


  • Its weight and firmness will be tiring during long session.
  • Not curved enough for G spot stimulation.
  • Ridges might be over stimulating for some people.
  • Size makes it hard to insert anally and should be avoided unless very experienced.

Personally this is my new “go to” toy when I take a bath, to the point that it has a place of honor in the bathroom and has not returned to the toy chest since we tested it out this weekend.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.

On a personal note:

We know Sarah was dying to try this out with us but unfortunately events before the holidays forced her to move away. We know she has been waiting for this review to order one for herself (as she has stated more than once). So Sarah you should definitely get one 🙂 but I think when you get home from work tonight you should check your mailbox there is a housewarming gift waiting for you.

We love you and miss you very much.