We would like to apologize

I know a lot of you have been messaging us to see what has been happening. Yes I know we have not posted in a very long time and I feel bad about that. For all our followers … if you are still around… please forgive us.

Now there is a very good reason why we haven’t posted in almost 2 years. After our last post Jay and I had a long talk about our current life and what we really wanted for our future. We agreed that we wanted a more stable family environment.

6 months ago today I gave birth to a wonderful, beautiful and healthy baby girl. 🙂

yes! i’m a mom!!!

Unfortunately that means that our sexual adventures took a back seat to our new life. I am pretty sure none of you wanted to see my ugly fat pregnant body (ok maybe some of you do but your weird dirty people… :P).  I still don’t feel comfortable with how my hips and breast look on camera, we tried for this post but erh I wasn’t happy with any of them.

What does this mean for MJ toy Reviews ? I am sorry to say this will be our last post here as we don’t feel we will be able to give regular content for you to enjoy. But wait! we are moving on to something new and interesting.

Jay and I have been into a lot of Erotic Visual novel games, so leveraging on both Jay and my skills and experience we have started our own little game company where we will be making some cool Erotic visual novels.

You can continue to follow our adventures at our patreon page and twitter




emi-render test.png

Here is a sneak peak at the main character from our first game, Emi … maybe just maybe there will be some truth to this story 😉

Thanks to everyone that has followed us over the years and shared our lives, we love you all and do miss interacting with you. I hope we will see you in our new adventure!


Em and Jay

Ps: Kay is doing well, she is getting married this summer and still visits us every ones in a while (and yes she stays over night for all you dirty minds :P) she is also our little girl’s godmother. 🙂 she says hi to you all!


Weekly Quicky

Here is a quicky to tease Ferdinand. its a pic from last weekend when we when shopping to try and satisfy his request.

here is me in my white top and black mini in the parking lot. Story to come soon.


If anyone has quicky requests please post them here I want to know what you want to see we have a couple pics lying around we havent posted yet. From me playing with myself to giving blowjobs or getting my ass pounded. you chose!


love Em.

PS: kay says not to worry more to “cum” about that schoolgirl.

The Schoolgirl

hi everyone!

With the new session that started a couple of weeks back I have been busy but this last weeks events was just too good not to share with you all.

It all started at the end of last week after an evening of intense and pleasurable sex with my boyfriend, he was extra attentive with soft caresses and kisses. Hey I’m not complaining but usually I am the one doing the soft licking and kissing, specifically his huge black dick to make sure I don’t wast any of his tasty cream.

So curious I asked him what was up. It took some prodding but he finally opened up and told me what was going on. Earlier that week one of his students from another class requested a meeting to go over some issues she was having with her class schedule. But that wasn’t the real reason she wanted to meet. When he arrived at the meeting she was sitting in his chair, boots on his desk, top buttons of her blouse open and fingers between her legs. He asked her what she was doing and she replied as she slipped her wet fingers in her mouth that she was waiting for him. She was clearly not interested in talking, and by the time he had closed the door she was all over him.

This is where he broke down and promised me that he didn’t fuck with her, that she tried to suck his cock but he pushed her away and left. Lets just say I was a little disappointed in him, and I told him as much. ” Why the fuck not!? was she ugly? The next time she shows up in your office you better get that blowjob and I want pictures to prove it.” To make sure he got my point, I climbed back onto him and rode his big cock again.

A couple of days later I received a phone call from him between 2 classes.

“Hey honey, I have someone here that wants to talk to you…”

At this point all I hear is shuffling and slurping sounds… a gasp for air and then this woman comes on the phone out of breath and panting.

“….hi… my name is Jenny …ghrgh slurp… and i’m … sucking your.. gurh slurp boyfriends big… *cough* black cock….”

Now I can hear him grunting in the background and I know he is about to cum.

So I tell her ” you better not waste any”

I can hear her pas the phone back to him as he starts to cum.

after a minute she gets back on the phone: ” oh god.. is he always like this… please let him fuck me… I want his big dick in my ass…”

This is where a plan started hatching in my brain… (yes i’m that evil)

” Not a chance you little slut… only I get to choose which pussies and asses he gets to fuck.”

And then she started to beg… at this point i knew it was going to be easy.

“oh please I’m soaking wet I need to get fucked soo bad…”

“that’s too bad… if you want it so badly you will have to convince me your worth it… your first test was blowing him… tonight I will find out if you where any good as he fuck me hard with his big dick. Now I am sure he was taking pictures with his phone.”


“Tell him to message them to me with your number. Take off your panties I’m sure they are soaked now.”

“… they are already on the floor …ummgnnn…”

“I guess your still playing with yourself. fine stop that and mop up that wet cunt with your panties, your going to leave them on his desk for me. From this point on you don’t wear any until I contact you. At any moment I might give him permission to fuck your little cunt and I want no obstructions for his big dick. ”

“… I understand, so only skirts and no panties…”

“Last thing, now i’m sure you will play with yourself tonight, I’m guessing you have toys. So take the biggest one you have and show me you can take his big dick in your holes. Then send me the proof. we will talk again soon.”

And I hung up.

Here are some of the pictures

I think I need to meet this Jenny.

To be continued…



Weekly Quicky

Seems like my tits are getting a lot of attention recently so this is for you breast and blowjob lovers out there. 🙂

I’m thinking of you. hope you enjoy the view 😉


I’m feeling thirsty this evening and Jay is working late might have to see if Kay’s bf is downstairs.

sweet dreams

Lonely Em

Summer Fun: The pool party

So based on all the votes we got from the next post poll, our followers wanted to see me and Kay get steamy with each other and you wanted to see Kay get what’s coming to her with two dicks. Well I have just the answer, during the summer we invited some friends over for a pool party / BBQ weekend. Knowing the type of friends we have you can guess that the weekend was eventful ;).

It was the long weekend and we had invited some friends over for a 3 day party, our house is off the main road and with no neighbors nearby it makes for good privacy around the pool in the back yard. This is why both me and Kay often sunbath nude by the pool, which often ends up into a fingering in the hot tub.

Most of our friends are either in very open relationships or from a group we met as part of the local swingers club. I don’t think Kay and her BF where sure what to expect when we invited them to join us on the Saturday.


On the first morning I made sure everything was ready including the pool house so our guests would have a place to stay while Jay when out to pick up last minute items. The invitation had been simple.

“Come alone or with a friend, bathing suits are optional. All fun no work, we will have the food you bring your drinks. And no one leaves unhappy. “

Before Jay got back we already had guests starting to show up and by lunch everyone was having fun by the pool. We even had a special guest I had not told Jay about taking a bath in our room when he arrived. Jay got to blow the first load even before getting to the pool can you guess who it was?


Yep if you said Sarah you would be right. So our total count of guests including Kay and her BF was 9 (3 couples, 1 guy and tow girls came solo), plus me and Jay of course.

By lunch the bathing suits had started coming off and the girls where getting playful while the guys sat back and drank beer. And took pictures !


Em and Kay letting their tits free.


Em and Kay ass grabbing by the pool.


Em enjoying the sun.


Em playing diva while others where having fun.


Sarah started heating things up, this is what we got when Jay asked her to pose for the site.


Fingers quickly got involved.


Guys finally joined the fun.


Jay got his turn too.


And an underwater blowjob to finish the day.

That first evening was pretty quiet everyone relaxed and chatted for a while with some drinks before heading for bed, Kay’s BF left first as he had work the next morning but promised to be back later in the afternoon. Most of the others headed off with Sarah to the pool house and we left the last couple making out on the living room floor. Kay as pretty horny and didn’t want to be alone so she came upstairs with us. Jay watched as we played by the fireplace.


Kiss me!




Your turn Kay.


Please make me squirt!


Jay did compliment us on our nice asses, just before he joined us.

On Saturday the guys went out for a bit while the girls lounged by the pool.

don’t we look good?



Try to guess who is who 😛 2 of us are not in this picture 😉


Since the guys had still not returned I brought some toys to the pool house so we wouldn’t be bored. Clearly they where a big hit.



By this point I was pretty damn horny watching all the pussy action and not getting to play. Yes I was behind the camera, so the girls promised I would get first pick when the guys got back. I didn’t have to wait too long as the guys returned shortly after to find most of the girls collapsed on the bed naked.

So I gave the camera to Jay and said to the other guys, “Ok boy’s time to show me what you have so I can chose who I want to ride” You will never see a bunch of guys drop their pants faster then when you offer them some nice pussy 🙂

I was quickly surrounded by some nice firm dicks.


Such a hard choice.


These are nice!


What about this one?


Looks like the last guy didn’t want to wait.


Screw it I can’t chose I want you all.


There we go that’s so much better.


Did i squirt all over your dick? Let me clean that up for you.


Ok guys your turn to cum.

After that I was pretty tired so I let the other girls take over and have some fun too. You can guess what happens when I leave Jay with a bunch of horny girls.


yea pretty much


The last day before everyone had to return home we all met by the pool for brunch and a little surprise for Kay.

We all got to watch as 2 of the guys grabbed Kay and threw her into the pool and proceeded to tease her and pull out their cocks.


Kay making a rookie mistake and concentrating on only one guy.


Surprise I told you not to ignore the second one.


This is how you keep Kay quiet when someone sticks his dick all the way up her ass.

kaydouble plug.jpg

Kay taking her first DP like a champ. I hope her screaming didn’t bother the neighbors too much. 😉


Swallow the first guy.


Second one slightly off target.

Overall we all had an amazing weekend and promised to do it again next year. I hope you enjoyed this I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to write up more about the weekend but this post was getting so long to write we had to cut some stuff out.

Love Em, Kay & Jay

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