Request: Going shopping

So Ferdinand asked me a while back to dress up in a tight t-shirt and short mini, have Jay blow a load all over my face just before going shopping. And finally flirt and tease who ever is behind the counter, Man or woman.

Ok that was a tall order and I don’t think we where able to get everything you asked for Ferdinand but I hope this will make up for it.

A couple of weeks back on a quiet Saturday afternoon, Jay asked me if I wanted to go take a drive out of town and go do some shopping. Since we had been talking about our site the night before and I had brought up the fact that we still had not posted something for Ferdinand’s request I was not too surprised that he wanted to go shopping (Jay hates shopping unless in includes him putting his dick in one of my holes in a changing booth.)

“Sure, let me go get changed.” was my reply.


Jay definitely approved of my outfit, and he gave me a smile when he slid his hand under my short skirt to find my naked pussy eager and slippery. Jay showed a lot of self control at this point because he didn’t try to bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me.

To be honest I was slightly disappointed 🙂 but that’s when I realized he has something planned.

We drove about 1hr to another town, a place we normally don’t really go to. When ever we do something public I prefer not accidentally coming face to face with someone we know. 🙂 Jay didn’t stop right away but kept driving around town for a bit, he was definitely looking for something specific. By the time we finally parked we had been driving for about 1h and a half, most of that time Jay and been playing with my now soaked pussy.

At this point I was ready and willing to fuck anything, I was flushed, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy juice was dripping down my leg. I grab his arm to keep me upright as he walks me into the store. I have no idea where we are as my eyes try to adjust to the dark interior.

Just as I am about to ask him where we are the display stand just in front of us comes into focus… and all I can see are rows after rows of big long cocks. A soft moan escapes my lips as I whisper to him ” bastard you brought me to a sex shop”

“happy shopping, I be over there near the counter “;) as he walks away.

The store is empty, I have this aisle of dicks all to myself. as I slowly make my way to the counter I hear Jay chatting with the person behind the counter.

“…yea so my wife is looking for a couple of items, some sexy costumes, lube and a big dildo she can fit in a strap-on, her girlfriend just loves strap-ons. Oh Honey was it a strap on you wanted to pick up for Kay or a double ended dildo? I can’t remember?

As I turn the corner  I see who he is talking to, woman with big breast wearing a tight summer dress, she has short pink/purple hair, tattoos go down both her arms.

She looks at me and smiles, clearly she has seen my hard nipples pressed against my tight shirt. I smile back and bend down to grab the dildo on the bottom shelf. making sure my skirt will ride up and give her a view of my pussy. I look back as I get back up dildo in one had sexy lingerie in the other. She is still smiling that’s a good sign. I think she liked that, was Jay’s response when I reached the changing rooms.

I stripped my cloth off and pulled the dildo out of its packaging, at this point I figured I was going to buy it anyway, it was nice and long but not as big as my black one.  Here i was half naked I an changing room getting off with a dildo. It didn’t take long for me to cum so i put my skirt back on and went back to the counter. Jay must have gone exploring since I could only see the girl. I dropped the un-packaged dildo on the counter, It made a wet sound when it hit the counter still covered in my juices.

“I will take this one but do you have something bigger?” She looked at me then at the toy (its about the size of my forearm) and the small puddle of liquid slowly growing on the counter. Moment of truth, she was either going to tell me to leave or play along.

The answer was instantly obvious as I watched her unconsciously stroke her fingers up and down the wet shaft on the counter.

“We might have something more to your liking in the back office if you want to follow me.” her fingers trailing it the small puddle as she went around the counter.

She was on me before the door was closed. Our cloth never made it to the sofa. We where pretty busy by the time Jay found us.  Even when Jay snapped a couple of pics she got even more excited.



As we where both catching our breath she asked Jay what he was going to do with those pictures. We told her that we would share them with our readers if she accepted. only condition was for us to send her some copies 🙂

Jay pretty stiff and horny by this point pulled his dick out and told me it was time for me to go suck his dick. As I got up she pushed me down pressing herself against me with her massive tits, kissed my lips and asked if she could take care of it. “sure but be warned hes an ass man.”

This is a code phrase me and Jay have, our understanding is that he can get blown or fuck a girls ass but not her pussy unless we know them better.  I took the camera and let jay have his turn.




When we left she gave us our package and told us it was on her.

when we got back home and opened the bag, there was a note with her phone number.

I told Jay we should go shop there again sometimes… he agrees 🙂


Love Em.

PS: we did send her the pictures and she sent us a pic back of her using the dildo I “left” behind.




Weekly Quicky

Here is a quicky to tease Ferdinand. its a pic from last weekend when we when shopping to try and satisfy his request.

here is me in my white top and black mini in the parking lot. Story to come soon.


If anyone has quicky requests please post them here I want to know what you want to see we have a couple pics lying around we havent posted yet. From me playing with myself to giving blowjobs or getting my ass pounded. you chose!


love Em.

PS: kay says not to worry more to “cum” about that schoolgirl.

The Schoolgirl

hi everyone!

With the new session that started a couple of weeks back I have been busy but this last weeks events was just too good not to share with you all.

It all started at the end of last week after an evening of intense and pleasurable sex with my boyfriend, he was extra attentive with soft caresses and kisses. Hey I’m not complaining but usually I am the one doing the soft licking and kissing, specifically his huge black dick to make sure I don’t wast any of his tasty cream.

So curious I asked him what was up. It took some prodding but he finally opened up and told me what was going on. Earlier that week one of his students from another class requested a meeting to go over some issues she was having with her class schedule. But that wasn’t the real reason she wanted to meet. When he arrived at the meeting she was sitting in his chair, boots on his desk, top buttons of her blouse open and fingers between her legs. He asked her what she was doing and she replied as she slipped her wet fingers in her mouth that she was waiting for him. She was clearly not interested in talking, and by the time he had closed the door she was all over him.

This is where he broke down and promised me that he didn’t fuck with her, that she tried to suck his cock but he pushed her away and left. Lets just say I was a little disappointed in him, and I told him as much. ” Why the fuck not!? was she ugly? The next time she shows up in your office you better get that blowjob and I want pictures to prove it.” To make sure he got my point, I climbed back onto him and rode his big cock again.

A couple of days later I received a phone call from him between 2 classes.

“Hey honey, I have someone here that wants to talk to you…”

At this point all I hear is shuffling and slurping sounds… a gasp for air and then this woman comes on the phone out of breath and panting.

“….hi… my name is Jenny …ghrgh slurp… and i’m … sucking your.. gurh slurp boyfriends big… *cough* black cock….”

Now I can hear him grunting in the background and I know he is about to cum.

So I tell her ” you better not waste any”

I can hear her pas the phone back to him as he starts to cum.

after a minute she gets back on the phone: ” oh god.. is he always like this… please let him fuck me… I want his big dick in my ass…”

This is where a plan started hatching in my brain… (yes i’m that evil)

” Not a chance you little slut… only I get to choose which pussies and asses he gets to fuck.”

And then she started to beg… at this point i knew it was going to be easy.

“oh please I’m soaking wet I need to get fucked soo bad…”

“that’s too bad… if you want it so badly you will have to convince me your worth it… your first test was blowing him… tonight I will find out if you where any good as he fuck me hard with his big dick. Now I am sure he was taking pictures with his phone.”


“Tell him to message them to me with your number. Take off your panties I’m sure they are soaked now.”

“… they are already on the floor …ummgnnn…”

“I guess your still playing with yourself. fine stop that and mop up that wet cunt with your panties, your going to leave them on his desk for me. From this point on you don’t wear any until I contact you. At any moment I might give him permission to fuck your little cunt and I want no obstructions for his big dick. ”

“… I understand, so only skirts and no panties…”

“Last thing, now i’m sure you will play with yourself tonight, I’m guessing you have toys. So take the biggest one you have and show me you can take his big dick in your holes. Then send me the proof. we will talk again soon.”

And I hung up.

Here are some of the pictures

I think I need to meet this Jenny.

To be continued…



Weekly Quicky

Seems like my tits are getting a lot of attention recently so this is for you breast and blowjob lovers out there. 🙂

I’m thinking of you. hope you enjoy the view 😉


I’m feeling thirsty this evening and Jay is working late might have to see if Kay’s bf is downstairs.

sweet dreams

Lonely Em