The Photographer

Ok so this might require some background info before I get started.

A long time ago when I first met Jay back when I was at Uni in Japan he was a big collector of underground photo books. Kind of like playboy where beautiful Japanese girls would strip and play with themselves for the camera. Some of them even had hardcore scenes, most of them censored unfortunately :P.

So back to now. Jay’s birthday is coming up and he is unfortunately away from home again on business 😦 3 weeks in South Korea, as a surprise gift I told him I had something special planned and that he should keep an eye out on our blog for his birthday gift.

His gift did not go exactly as I had planned but here is the story of last weekend’s events.

Jay this is for you my love I hope you enjoy. (Oh and you guys skulking around our blog will enjoy for sure)

Quiet weekend at home again, Jay is in a hotel somewhere in Seoul, he has been gone for a week already and I wish he was here right now doing dirty things to me instead of having this dildo in me. I was going through the closet today and found Jay old collection of dirty Japanese mags he loved to collect. So what else could I do tonight but got through them as I play with myself.

Then the idea came to me I would book a sexy photo-shoot and make a book for Jay’s collection. It would be an awesome birthday gift. First thing the next morning I got on the phone and started looking for a Photographer that does private shoots (and was not adverse to erotic photography). It took me all morning, you would be surprised how many I had to call before  I got this girl on the phone that said “Sure no problem we do this kind of thing often! we can be there tomorrow.” well I was set. All I needed to do was figure out what I wanted to wear.

I really wanted to make it look like the books he had collected so I ended up going shopping in Chinatown for something that would make Jay burst… well I found it. a nice short pink Chinese dress. Went home and tried it on with my favorite set of lingerie underneath. It was perfect, but there was a problem… my hair, it just didn’t work with the cloths i had picked… quickly booked an appointment for the next morning (actually told the place i was getting married and needed full makeup and hair done quick. they where happy to help).

Next day when the photographer arrived I was all set, living room was spotless and I looked amazing. But this is where the first problems started… I open the door, the girl I had talked on the phone was not the photographer as I had assumed, but standing there is this 6 ft well dressed gentleman with a camera bag and a trolley of equipment. He politely asks if he can come in and set up. All I can stammer in surprise is … uh.. sure?

We talk for a bit as he set’s up and I tell him I was expecting the girl from the phone, he laughs and explains that his sister also does photography but was busy today and asked him to cover for her. He tells me not to worry and to explain to him what kind of photos I wanted. My fear dissipated quickly as he was very professional and understanding, soon we had the books out and I showed him what i wanted.

Soon after he was snapping away and giving me directions, how to tilt my head, where to look, telling jokes to make me laugh. This isn’t so bad I was actually enjoying myself.

Let's start with a cover shot.

Let’s start with a cover shot.

Oops is that my garter and ass sticking out back there?

Oops is that my garter and ass sticking out back there?

Soon after We had moved on to removing my dress, He helped me unbutton my dress his hands where so warm.

This dress has too many buttons.

This dress has too many buttons.

Before I knew it my dress was lying on the floor across the room and he was taking pictures of my ass. This is where things got more complicated. As I was there on all fours with my ass in the air he came over, saying I needed to move because of the light he grabbed my ass with his warm hands and moved me over. But not without pushing both his thumbs against my cunt. I was dripping in a flash and had to bite my lip not to moan out.

"Do you think these panties make my ass look fat?" -Em asks the photographer :P

“Do you think these panties make my ass look fat?” -Em asks the photographer 😛

What am I doing! this guy just fingered my cunt and i’m just staying there smiling as if its no problem. We moved back to the sofa after that, but I could see in his eyes he was eagerly awaiting to see my tits come out. For some crazy reason I actually asked him to help me take my bra off… This was going all wrong but I just wanted to feel his warm hands again.

He didn’t disappoint, Sliding his warm palms on my nipples as he removed my bra. At this point my panties where getting wet and my nipples slowly hardening. Looking at me critically as I sat there mostly naked he asked me to start playing with my breast to my nipples stiffer, it would look better on camera. …OK so I gently start rubbing my tits but he stops me, no that wont work, he puts down the camera and grabs both my breast with his warm hands and starts massaging them roughly. Now that moan I wasn’t able to contain. OHHhhhhhhmmmmm…

Is that perky enough for you, or do you want an excuse to fondle them again?

Is that perky enough for you, or do you want an excuse to fondle them again?

I’m definitely peaking now 🙂 I pull off my soaked panties and straddle the armrest of the sofa I tell him I want some pussy shots. I start grinding my pussy on the sofa leaving wet traces and sloppy noises as slide back and forth.

Hard leather against my moist pussy always feels so good.

Hard leather against my moist pussy always feels so good.

At this point I have given up caring I just want to get off. As I grind my pussy into the leather I can see the bulge in his pants growing and guess he probably is having the same idea. He might even be thinking he will get to fuck me… well that’s not going to happen no matter how hot his hands are or how horny I get. I never break rule #1 I don’t let strangers fuck me, and friends only get to fuck me when Jay is around.

Instead I decided I might as well make him blow a load in his pants. so i lay back and start fingering myself while he is taking more pictures.

Two fingers in and my pussy is already soaked, hope he is enjoying the show.

Two fingers in and my pussy is already soaked, hope he is enjoying the show.

Now I’m pretty sure all he wants is to do is pull out his cock and fuck me he puts his camera on the tripod and starts using the remote because he cant help massaging his crotch with the other hand.

This is where my mind was saying ok… that’s enough, time to call it a day before this guy just jumps on you. Unfortunately at this point my cunt was screaming much louder and I found myself asking him to grab my purse and give me the toy.

Everything went downhill from there. He gave me the toy alright just not how i was thinking. He started using it on me, fucking me with it’s head until I finally was on the edge of cumming. All the while snapping a ton of pictures.

Bastard slammed it right in and on high! But judging from this picture I think i was enjoying it.

Bastard slammed it right in and on high! But judging from this picture I think i was enjoying it.

He pulled the toy out just as i was about to cum and slid his fingers up and down my wet pussy. He then looked straight at me and popped his creamy fingers into my mouth. I suck them clean and beg him to let me cum. This is when he finally pulled out his throbbing cock and asked me if I wanted him to fuck me…

Tasty snack of fingers covered in pussy juice

Tasty snack of fingers covered in pussy juice

ALARM! ALARM! ALARM! …. shit I went to far now and he is about to fuck me. as he moves his dripping dick to fuck my tight pussy I think fast and tell him I want to suck his big juicy dick first (In my most slutty Asian fuck me voice I can muster)

He grabs me by the hair and rams his throbbing dick into my mouth all the way to his balls. Good thing I’m use to rough blowjob (Jay likes using my throat) I pretend to gag a little pulling away saying how he is too big, mixing in some Japanese words. Guys love that. 🙂

It didn’t take long, a couple more deep throat slurps and some tongue action on his shaft and he was squirting into my mouth a thick load of hot cum.

Guess he is not a squirter.

Guess he is not a squirter.

Now I wanted a closeup of my mouth full of his cum (selfie time!)

Now thats a nice full load of cum

Now thats a nice full load of cum

At this point I was squirting pussy juice all over the floor. I Should have gotten pictures of that but he was to busy snapping pictures of my cum covered face as it poured out of my mouth while I came.

I'm sorry. did you want me to swallow that?

I’m sorry. did you want me to swallow that?

Now It was time to get him out of the house. I grabbed his camera pulled the card (No copies for you) pulled the money out of my purse and with a 50$ tip stuffed it into his camera bag and told him he had to leave. As he got dressed I mopped the floor and my pussy with my panties and as he left I stuffed them in his mouth.

” to remember me by…” and closed the door. 🙂

So Jay please don’t be mad at me I really think your book will be worth the extra 50$ and a pair of panties 😛

I just hope the printer doesn’t get any ideas and is expecting a tip.

Love you honey cum home soon.

Happy Birthday


Preview Icicles #5

Well now that we have this site up I couldn’t help myself and decided to give you all a small preview of the Icicles #5. so this is how i found this little gem the other night when i got back from work.

Icicles  5 glass dildo

Just laying there on my pillow, so i decided to take a couple of pictures and show it off before we do the review next week.

Icicles  5 glass dildo


I have to say it has taken all my willpower not to give this beautiful thing a whirl before the weekend. But I promised Hubby I would wait for him before trying it out.

All i can say for now is that the packaging and craftsmanship scream quality and look very classy.

Icicles  5 glass dildoIcicles  5 glass dildo


Thanks for waiting everyone we appreciate all the support we are getting from you.