The Invite

Ok so Kay has been bugging us about posting this and we said we would finish it and post it when she did hers. So I guess here it is 🙂

You remember the girl with the pink hair we met a while back at the sex shop? yea her, so Em got a call from her and a strange invitation. She told Em she wanted to see us again and that we should meet her that Saturday night, the invitation was followed by a time and address.

Having nothing better to do, and to be honest both me and Em wanted to see her again, we accepted and where at the address that weekend. Ok not exactly what we expected but we knew right away this would be interesting. The place was a strip club and the parking was packed.

We walked in to loud thumping music and two naked women making out on the stage, not the soft stuff but they where going at it hard, just as we sat down at a table not too far from the stage the girl on the floor climaxed and squirted all over the stage. When she finally lifted herself up we recognized her immediately it was our tattooed friend from the sex shop. She winked at us as she toweled herself off and left the stage.

We ordered some drinks as the next show started, a small asian girl started playing with herself as Em perked up (she loves watching other asian girls get going, she likes to compare herself to them) two big black men walked up on stage dressed like bouncers, they started telling her to leave. At this point she was loudly begging them not to throw her out that she would do anything as they started to drag her naked body off the stage.

Em was enjoying herself at this point as the crowd cheered for the girl, Em got up and yelled at them saying the girl was probably willing to fuck them both, and if she wasn’t that she would get up there and do it herself.

That got one hell of a reaction from the crowd, Em had just derailed the show big time, and I was sure we where about to get thrown out. The guys both dropped their pants and the Asian girl fainted shock as the 2 huge black dicks poked at her face. The guy closest to us came off the stage and to our table, Em was still standing there, he grabbed her and swirled his big dick in her direction, slapping her thighs and belly with its big head…

oh ho, here we go is the only thing I could think off.

The girl on the stage was sucking the other dick by now, playing innocent and pretending to choke on its massive size. But at this point the show was at our table. Em had bent herself on the table and had him rubbing his cock head against her tight skirt poking her ass. Em was loving this 🙂 we all know how she craves attention.

It wasn’t long before she was dragging the other guy back up on stage by the cock. At this point someone wrapped their arms around my neck and a felt a pair of breasts press against the back of my head.

“Well she seems to be having fun with Miko up there” Em was sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage directing the actions of the two black guys that where now fucking Miko. I turned around to get a face full of tattooed tits, which I promptly sucked in greeting. (hey I wont pass up the chance) She quickly came over and sat on my lap.

Another wave of cheering from the crowd made me look up to the stage to find Em leg’s wide and holding Miko’s head as she was eating her pussy. Not long after the show ended in a climax when both guys shot sprays of cum all over Miko’s face. Em bent down kissing her deeply, licking her cum covered lips as she walked back to our booth with hoots and applause from the crowd.

“Having fun dear?” I asked Em

“Ohh yes! hey do you hire those two guys out for private parties?” she said to our friend laughing.

“ahah, I will ask them but for now if your done having fun I have you guys set up for a private dance in the back”

We followed her back stage into a small room with a mini stage and pole right in front of a small sofa.

As I was clearly the recipient of “this” show Em took out her phone and snapped some pictures.


strip.jpg strip2.jpg


And things got quickly out of hand after that.




This was probably the best time we had at a strip club in a long time. also Em wanted me to make sure I told you that as we where leaving later that evening. The club owner stopped by our table, he slid a folded note to Em, It was a phone number and signed Miko. Then he offered Em a job (yes he was serious, we really tried not to laugh) Basically he hadn’t seen the crowd so lively in a long time and if she would want to set up some shows every once in a while to call him. With a crowd that excited she could clear a couple of thousand a night.

She promptly kicked me under the table when I asked if it would be cash 😛

As he left the table he told us that the evening was on him and to order another round.

Lets just say it was pretty late by the time we left the place. On our way out the bouncer at the door called back to Em handing her a piece of paper. She smiled as we headed for the car.

“What was on the note?” I asked her

“Just an answer to a question I had this evening” she smirked.


Review: Bust it realistic cock

Ok so we havent done one of these for a very long time and with Jay away this week I guess it was the perfect time to trying this out with Kay.

So two birds with one stone 😉 Chris what was going to be a couple of pics turned into a full toy review so I hope you enjoy.

We will be doing a double review first off the Bust it squirting realistic cock

yea you can guess what it does 😉

Our second item is Splooge juice a cum like lubricant

We picked this one up at our favorite online store a while back but never really took it out of the box.

Packaging & toy description


Well the packaging was pretty ordinary. A box 🙂, but it did come with a storage pouch so that’s a plus. It lets you keep everything in one place the toy, pump and your favorite cum lubricant. It comes with a small bottle of Bust it nut butter but we ended up buying a bottle of Splooge juice (pretty much the same thing)

This toy is on par with most other realistic dildos from doc Johnson, textured veins and tapered head. It has a removable suction cup and will work with the vac-u-lock harness.

You should know that the Cum lubricant only comes in bottles of 4oz

Em’s review

So with Jay out of town this weekend we decided to try this thing out first off its nice and hefty its about 9″ long, 2″ wide and weighs about a pound. Its firm but still has some give so it feels good and realistic when its in you. They did a pretty decent job with the texture you can feel the ridge of the head and veins as it moves inside you.


Em sucking on a strap-on


Kay ripping nylons and licking pussy.

The suction cup does its job and can hold the weigh well. We both tried it solo at first and where slightly disappointed by the squirting. Ok for those that have no idea what I am talking about this dildo has a tube from tip to base that you attach to a hand pump, you can fill the had pump with a textured lubricant that mimics cum and when you press the pump it makes the dildo squirt.


Lay Back and enjoy

So when we tried it solo we found the pressure and intensity kind of underwhelming. It was when we finally started playing with it strapped into the harness that this baby really made us smile. First off its probably the biggest toy I have that will fit in my harness. So when Kay tried to stuff it in my pussy she really needed to grab it by the base to control it.


Is that good Em?

It was at that moment that she accidentally squeezed the pump and OMG I started seeing stars! Grabbing the base increased the pressure in the dildo and sent the cum flying. We actually tried it out in the bathroom to see the difference. When it was left alone it would only squirt 6 inches or so but once we grabbed the base hard it shot out about 3 feet.


Look at that thing squirt!


It`s all over the floor.

Overall we had fun but we went through 2 bottles of lube, it`s a fun novelty but gets expensive when you play around like we did, also a lot of cleaning up. 😉


Don`t stop! fill me from behind.


Shit that`s a lot of cum!

Kay’s comments

I enjoyed myself, making it squirt and having all that cum flying around was fun. The texture of it was ok but when it was on your skin it felt to slick and oily. When it shot up into my pussy, that was amazing it felt just like the real thing. That was by far the best part, my only down side was that we wasted a lot of it that ended up on the counter or the floor.


Kay get`s her fill too.


Overall it`s a good quality dildo but the squirting gimmick will get boring fast. The lube feels good and is water based but unless using with squirting dildo or you have a thing for sloppy seconds, there is cheaper products out there.


  • ok price.
  • good quality product.
  • fits in harness.
  • good size.
  • squirting effect is fun at first.
  • good quality lube that feels like cum in your pussy.


  • pump gets in the way when in harness.
  • wastes a lot of lube
  • Makes a mess, long clean up
  • lube is expensive
  • lube has unpleasant texture when left on skin.
  • squirting quickly loses its appeal.

Both me and Kay agree that it was great fun for an afternoon especially with the harness but in solo we would have moved to something else. On a side note if you have a cum fetish and can`t orgasm unless you feel some thick cum shoot into your pussy then by all means get this right now you will not be disappointed.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.


kiss kiss !

Em and Kay

Pre-Valentine Interlude (or if you want Boarder update)

So today I had the afternoon off and got home early, no one was around since our boarder was at University and Jay works till 6pm. I took a long warm bath to relax and decided to peak into my toy chest to see if she returned my Beast this morning after we left.

Yep its back, so I decided to have some fun considering I didn’t get to play with it last night. So I wrap myself in a towel and grab the Beast, a couple of other toys, my bottle of lube and make my way down to the living room. Once all set up I opened up the TV and put on my favorite porn.


After about 1hr I had cum twice and squirted once, and finally reached the point where I was loose enough to take on the Beast. This bad boy doesn’t need much to turn my insides to jello and I could feel myself about to squirt again in time with the end of the scene. The girl had just collapsed on the floor shaking form the massive orgasm as cum leaked out of her mouth, pussy and ass.The 6 guys with big black dicks where jerking around her covering her with cum.

I start to scream with pleasure as I ram the Beast into my pussy as much as i can feeling the pressure build. I pull it out as I cum and squirt all over the floor and living room table.

This is when I hear a gasp come from the hallway, Shit I dident hear the door open, I look up and see our boarder standing there one hand grasping the door frame with white knuckles, her eyes bulging and fixed on the floor in front of me where the Beast is in a pool of my juices and her other hand is covering her mouth, fingers glistening.

I finally see the growing wet spot at the front of her yoga pants, the little slut had been watching for a while. Without thinking I start stroking my pussy softly as it calms down. The movement or the fact that the scene had ended and she pulled her eyes away from the Beast to realize I was looking at her. She blushed like a 16 year old seeing her first cock, and was about to bolt when I said.

“It’s ok sit down, I’m not a prude, shy or ashamed. I was just releasing some tension. ”

I get up and towel off my legs, she is still standing there staring at my naked body. I grab my Icicle and come up to her, and put it in her hands with a tube of lube.

“You look like you need to release some tension too, take this one its my favorite, once your done you can bring it back up. I should be finished cleaning up here and we can have a chat. Oh if you need to grab my laptop in the kitchen on your way down there is some good videos on there too.”

I couldn’t resist and kissed her cheek as i grabbed my stuff and went upstairs.

15 min later when I came back down she had left the living room and my laptop was no longer in the kitchen.

And before someone asks, yes she did return my Icicle and laptop about 30min later. We talked for a while as she told me she found some pictures of me and Jay fucking on my laptop and asked me about the Beast and how I could fit that thing. We had a good laugh and talked about Jay and our relationship. She gasped when I told her I was bisexual and asked her if she had been with a woman before. This went on for about an hour until Jay got home.

Let’s just say she has been warned that things might get noisy this weekend and that if she needed to borrow anything to let me know. 🙂

Happy valentines day



PS: I gave the Icicle a lick when I brought it back up, and she tastes sweet 🙂

Room and Board part 2

So here is a quick update on what has happened this week with our new boarder. The evening after Jay saw her playing with some of my toys, I decided to go through my box and see if she had borrowed anything else. Mostly i wanted an excuse to take out my big black dildo for some fun in the tub.

To my disappointment (and Jay’s), it was nowhere to be found. I guess she was curious, lets be honest that beast is like 17in long and as thick as my arm. So I ended up taking another toy with me. Since Jay was all set up and wanting to take pictures of my playtime with the beast, here is one of the tease shots we did while I had a toy stuck up my ass.


Ok it’s not the beast but I promise we will get some pics of it when I get it back 🙂

After my bath I decided to stop downstairs and see if our boarder needed anything, and if I could spot my beast lying around. Gentle knock at the door, no answer, so I poked my head in and no one was in the main room.

Quick look around but I couldn’t see my toy, the only light was from the bathroom door.

That’s when I heard her, “Fuck….ohhh…ouch… how the hell… maybe… no… awww yesss… it doesn’t fit… too big…” just snippets of her talking to her self between curses and moans.

There’s my toy 😛 I didn’t want to risk peaking in so I slid my phone into the opening and snapped a pic before leaving quickly. When I got back upstairs I checked the pic with Jay.


I figure she got the head past her pussy lips but not much farther, impressive even if its an amateur mistake she can’t just stuff that think in you need to warm up first. Still she has guts I will give her that 🙂 Maybe I will get a chance to teach her. Either way she has a nice ass.


Clean up in Aisle 6!

For those who saw our Christmas post you know I have been going through a bondage submissive phase. Last week I ask Jay to order me around and I would do what ever he would ask.

As we where about to leave to do some shopping he ordered me to change into my tight white T-shirt (I never wear in public because it’s cut really low and is about 2 sizes to small making it look like it would rip open. ) and my schoolgirl mini skirt. (also something I normally only wear at home since it’s so short you can usually see under it without any effort.)

Fine I did say he could order me around. When we arrived at the parking lot he says, “Oh take off those panties and stuff this inside you.” He drops an egg vibrator in my hand. I look up and mouth the words “Bastard!” He smiles and tells me to do what I’m told or it would get worse, grabbing one of my nipples and twisting it until I let out a small yelp. now they are hard and perking up.


I do what I’m told and stick the egg in… wait this is new we don’t have one this big… where is the controller? … He pulls out his phone and pushes a button, a wave of pleasure knocks me back as I grab onto the car seat. SHIT that’s good. I catch my breath and ask him where did you get this? Looks like another surprise he brought back from his last trip.

remote insert

And off we go into the store to pick up some stuff, me spending most of my time trying to avoid either my skirt riding up to high to expose my pussy or trying to keep a good hold on that egg when Jay kicked it into high gear. After about 10 min I had already cum and had juice dripping down my legs.

Finally he comes up to me and asks if I had enough… I wanted to say no but already people had given me funny looks and all I wanted was to go home and get fucked hard.

I tell him.

He answers me by starting it up again. Here we go again…

He whispers to me “suck my dick and I will stop”

I tell him anything lets go.

He turns it up higher… shit I’m about to cum again. this time I know my pussy will squirt and that egg will end up on the floor in a puddle of juice.

“That’s not what I said” he unzips his pants.

I look at him ” Right now ?? hear??”

He turns in up more… I collapse on the floor as I start to cum again. Screw it I grab his dick and start sucking. Just hope no one sees me. Jay snaps some pictures, telling me to pose and smile so it will look good on the web page.



It didn’t take long for him to blow his load. that is when we left as quick as possible.


And yes I did squirt and leave a puddle of pussy juice in aisle 6.

We need to do that again 🙂


Love Em.

The Weekly quicky 3

So here I am hoping to have a relaxing evening, take a shower and read a book. Well I should know better by now 🙂 I was ambushed as I left the bathroom by a husband with a stiff cock looking for some release. He got it, and I was left to pick up the mess.

It’s ok he owes me now 🙂 what a waste I’m hungry now.


This is what happens when I come out of the bathroom naked after taking a shower. Damn you Jay.