Training the schoolgirl part 2

Ok I’m on a roll so lets keep going 🙂


A couple weeks went by after that last visit and we were getting close to the end of September it was still warm out but not for much longer.

After talking with Jay and Em we decided to give our little schoolgirl once last test, once Jay hear my plan he was all for it. So I called her up and told her to come over to the house that weekend. We are having some friends over for a party around 4pm and we wanted her to join us.

Well the party was actually at 3 but we wanted everyone there for when she arrived. Two couples that are friends with Em and Jay where invited, my BF was busy that weekend so I was alone but we had more than enough people. They all knew Em for a while and had been part of their encounters before, including our summer pool party (you will have to go back and check a previous post).

We told them there would be entertainment so they where all smiling when she arrived. She was wearing a little black dress that barely covered her panties.

When I got up to go welcome her she seemed surprised by the amount of people I guess she was expecting a quiet party with just us and hopefully some sex… she was almost right. This is what I told her:

“I like you… and I would love to see my BF’s big black cock fuck you in every hole…”

By now her legs where shaking she new there was a but coming

“But… I have one last test for you, either you pass and you finally get what you wanted for the last 3 months, or you fail and I never see you again” deep down I didn’t want her to fail, so I smiled and told her she could do this.

“Go out there and spend the afternoon with Jay be his slave and do everything he asks without question or hesitation.”

Isnt that his wife next to him? she asked.

“Yes and as far as everyone here is concerned your just an escort she hired to please him on his birthday. Everyone is expecting  a good show so don’t disappoint them.”

“If people get bored and leave you fail, if Jay isn’t satisfied you fail, if Em  isn’t happy with your performance you also fail. So now get out there and be a good whore, Jay is waiting for you.”

Boy did she make an effort to act the part, with her first actions we knew she was going to pass with flying colors. We where all caught by surprise. She went straight to Em and sat in her lap, wrapping her arms around her neck and started making out with her intensely. Then got up adjusted her tinny black skirt and said ” Thanks for hiring me to be Jay’s fuck toy, I am sure he will be very satisfied with his gift.” She made sure everyone heard her.

She quickly moved over and sat in Jay’s lap wrapping her arms around him and kissing his neck. It didn’t take long before Jay started ordering her around. We watched as she fingered her naked cunt on the patio until she squirted. Then Jay had her give every guest a lap dance.

It went pretty much down hill from there 🙂

girlsliketheshow showoff

It was one hell of a show when Jay told her to blow him right there. Jay has pretty good endurance so everyone grabbed another drink and watched her work his cock. It took a good 20 min before he finally blew a big load of cum into her mouth. After that we went inside for supper, he made her strip down and spend the meal butt naked. Everyone got a chance to dip their fingers into her sweet cunt before we got to desert.

By now the girls where horny and the guys where stiff, so Jay dragged her over to the living room so we could get on with the show.

The evening was definitely a success, our little slut got high praise from all the guests as you can see the girls got up close and personal. Now everyone was pretty horny and making out so we never saw Jay and the little bitch leave for some private time.

You can see the girls got what they wanted (and to be honest so did I).

So let’s go back to Jay and our little bitch (and let’s not forget Em following them from behind the camera). While we where all busy in the living room Jay had dragged her up to the bedroom. Let’s be honest I knew exactly what was going to happen, mostly because I asked him to. Let’s tick all the check boxes:

  • Was she a slut [yep]


  • Was she ready and willing [so far]


  • Shy? [clearly not]


  • Willing to fuck girls? [very willing and good at it too]


  • Can she suck [Jay says fuck yea and deep throats like a champ]


  • Now does she swallow? [with a smile]


  • Can she fuck? [again thumbs up]


  • Now what we needed to find out good she was at taking a cock up her ass?

I guess the answer would be Yes also.

Now here are the questions we need to ask ourselves (yes you get a say in this too.)

Now the important question is does she pass?

  • if not what should we have her do to pass?

Do we let her fuck my BF’s big black cock?

  • does she deserve some extra for all her hard work? what?

Should we give up on here and move on to something else?

Please answer in the comments we will let our followers decide what happens to her next 🙂


Ps: I know how many of you follow our site and have fun watching us but don’t post. now is the time to make your self counted if we don’t get at least 30% of our followers putting in a comment me and Em decided that meant you wanted us to move on. A quick “Hell yea let her have it” will do we want to know who really follows us and who dosent.



Training the Schoolgirl

Hi everyone,

I have been working on this for a long time and there is a lot to share so please excuse me if my writing is not the best (I also have a hard time not playing with myself when I write so had to stop 3 times so far).

So… last time we talked about this girl I had made her watch my BF fuck me in his and made her lick his cum off my face and tits. The next couple of weeks after that where quiet we messaged each other and I gave her tips on how to work her ass and pussy so that when she finally earned her reward.

At one point she asked me if we could meet she wanted to talk, she admitted that she understood that I was in charge and she would never get his cock till I let him fuck her… Holy shit did that give me a power trip 🙂 That’s when it hit me… I wasn’t just exerting control over this girl but also my BF. So that night as I was riding his big cock I asked him: ” How many times could you have fucked this slut since that first day when she tried to blow your dick in the office?” at this point he was seconds away from shooting his load and would do anything for me to start grinding him again.. so his answer was shocking. Every day she had come to him at first asking for a fuck, then pleading for hims to let her suck his cock, finally begging him to just jerk off and cum on her.

And he had said no every time… because I had told him to… Fuck that felt good. The images going around in my head of every instance he could have fucked her, on his desk, in his car or in the toilet stall across the hall. It took me a second to catch my breath and realize I had just squirted and cum all over him. As I finished him off with my throat not wanting to waist a drop of his load a plan started to form.

It was 1 am and she was probably sleeping so I called her. When she realized who it was she was wide awake in an instant. I have her graphic details of how I had just finished fucking my BF, I could hear her wimper softly by the end she was definitely playing with herself and I had her undivided attention. I told her someone would pick her up after he last class tomorrow to come meet with me. Gave her a description of Jay’s car and told her to stop trying to fuck my BF or lose any chance of having his BBC in her.

Jay was more than happy to help out and promised she would have to pay for the ride 😉 I liked the sound of that so let him do this thing.

he was waiting for her when she came out wearing a dark blue summer dress with clearly nothing underneath. Jay told her before starting the car that this wasn’t a free ride and he didn’t take cash, she accepted the terms without hesitation.

They stopped on the side of the road about half way back to our place for a quick blowjob. Not wanting to make a mess in the car Jay drove her home and let her finish him off there.

Here is what Jay had to say about her:

“She is definitely eager and perky, when I pulled out my dick in the car she didn’t hesitate and swallowed it up. her cloths hit the floor pretty quickly and she was more than willing to let me fuck her. Do like her piercings and her mouth was a nice target for a massive load of cum. She took it with a smile.”


After Jay finished with her, he sent me the pictures and called me to let me know she had payed for her ride but she was a mess and looked like a slut. I got her on the phone and told her to clean herself up as I didn’t want to meet with a cum covered slut, I wanted to meet the proper respectable schoolgirl. (Lets be honest I was lying. I wanted to lick that cum off her face more than anything.)

I found her a little while later in the bathroom wrapped in a robe after fixing up her hair. She was wearing some of Em’s lingerie but never made it to the skirt and blouse Jay had taken out for her. I was so horny that I just told her to take it all off and join me in the shower.

She didn’t even  blink when Jay stayed and started taking pictures.


That was one hell of an afternoon, I think she won me over, damn that tongue piercing really did a number on my nipples and clit.

I looked over at Jay and he was clearly in a stiff situation after his front row seat to our intense lovemaking. So as I got up and wrapped a towel around me I told him.

“She is all yours, use her up then bring her home, and don’t be to gentle on her.”

Still naked on the floor her eyes got very wide as Jay took off his cloths. Dragged her to the living room and started ramming his dick into her mouth as deep as she could take it. Jay has a decent size cock so she was doing pretty good when she started gagging on the last 2 inches.

At that point Jay called me up, he needed two hands for this and wanted me to hold the camera. I was happy to oblige. It was one hell of a show, there was tears, spit and coughing at first but he got those last 2 inches in. By now she was moaning and playing with her cunt with every thrust. Jay saw she was about to cum so he made sure every last inch of of is cock was down her throat before she started to moan.

Most woman when they cum will let out a cry or moan, they can’t stop it even if their mouth is full. I learned this the hard way, if you cum with him dick down your throat the vibration will make him shoot his load every time. And if your not ready for it you will be coughing up cum for a while.

With that smile I will guess she will be ok 🙂

Part 2 will be coming soon.



Review: Bust it realistic cock

Ok so we havent done one of these for a very long time and with Jay away this week I guess it was the perfect time to trying this out with Kay.

So two birds with one stone 😉 Chris what was going to be a couple of pics turned into a full toy review so I hope you enjoy.

We will be doing a double review first off the Bust it squirting realistic cock

yea you can guess what it does 😉

Our second item is Splooge juice a cum like lubricant

We picked this one up at our favorite online store a while back but never really took it out of the box.

Packaging & toy description


Well the packaging was pretty ordinary. A box 🙂, but it did come with a storage pouch so that’s a plus. It lets you keep everything in one place the toy, pump and your favorite cum lubricant. It comes with a small bottle of Bust it nut butter but we ended up buying a bottle of Splooge juice (pretty much the same thing)

This toy is on par with most other realistic dildos from doc Johnson, textured veins and tapered head. It has a removable suction cup and will work with the vac-u-lock harness.

You should know that the Cum lubricant only comes in bottles of 4oz

Em’s review

So with Jay out of town this weekend we decided to try this thing out first off its nice and hefty its about 9″ long, 2″ wide and weighs about a pound. Its firm but still has some give so it feels good and realistic when its in you. They did a pretty decent job with the texture you can feel the ridge of the head and veins as it moves inside you.


Em sucking on a strap-on


Kay ripping nylons and licking pussy.

The suction cup does its job and can hold the weigh well. We both tried it solo at first and where slightly disappointed by the squirting. Ok for those that have no idea what I am talking about this dildo has a tube from tip to base that you attach to a hand pump, you can fill the had pump with a textured lubricant that mimics cum and when you press the pump it makes the dildo squirt.


Lay Back and enjoy

So when we tried it solo we found the pressure and intensity kind of underwhelming. It was when we finally started playing with it strapped into the harness that this baby really made us smile. First off its probably the biggest toy I have that will fit in my harness. So when Kay tried to stuff it in my pussy she really needed to grab it by the base to control it.


Is that good Em?

It was at that moment that she accidentally squeezed the pump and OMG I started seeing stars! Grabbing the base increased the pressure in the dildo and sent the cum flying. We actually tried it out in the bathroom to see the difference. When it was left alone it would only squirt 6 inches or so but once we grabbed the base hard it shot out about 3 feet.


Look at that thing squirt!


It`s all over the floor.

Overall we had fun but we went through 2 bottles of lube, it`s a fun novelty but gets expensive when you play around like we did, also a lot of cleaning up. 😉


Don`t stop! fill me from behind.


Shit that`s a lot of cum!

Kay’s comments

I enjoyed myself, making it squirt and having all that cum flying around was fun. The texture of it was ok but when it was on your skin it felt to slick and oily. When it shot up into my pussy, that was amazing it felt just like the real thing. That was by far the best part, my only down side was that we wasted a lot of it that ended up on the counter or the floor.


Kay get`s her fill too.


Overall it`s a good quality dildo but the squirting gimmick will get boring fast. The lube feels good and is water based but unless using with squirting dildo or you have a thing for sloppy seconds, there is cheaper products out there.


  • ok price.
  • good quality product.
  • fits in harness.
  • good size.
  • squirting effect is fun at first.
  • good quality lube that feels like cum in your pussy.


  • pump gets in the way when in harness.
  • wastes a lot of lube
  • Makes a mess, long clean up
  • lube is expensive
  • lube has unpleasant texture when left on skin.
  • squirting quickly loses its appeal.

Both me and Kay agree that it was great fun for an afternoon especially with the harness but in solo we would have moved to something else. On a side note if you have a cum fetish and can`t orgasm unless you feel some thick cum shoot into your pussy then by all means get this right now you will not be disappointed.

As always please don’t be shy to ask questions in the replies below we are always happy to answer with extra information.


kiss kiss !

Em and Kay

Kay’s first lesson

I know this is way over due but we are finally catching up with all our back posting, so please bare with us for a bit. This took place about 3-4 months after Kay moved it, she had gotten used to our lifestyle and enjoyed our company more than once.

But normally when I asked Jay to be rough with me, to fuck my ass or tie me up, she would sit it out and just watch. We love to be watched and she was definitely enjoying the show but she was clearly anal shy and didn’t want to try it just yet.

One evening while Jay was away she started asking me about how it felt to have something as big as Jay’s cock in my ass and if it hurt. I told her that once you get use to it it’s actually pretty good, but that i had much bigger in my ass. She didn’t believe me so I had to go digging for some pictures of my Black adventures.

We soon ended up sitting on the floor going through my toy chest to find some anal beads and toys. She admitted to me that night about how she kept dreaming about getting 2-3 guys to fuck her. I started her off with some beads but we quickly moved up to once of my thin glass dildos.

It took a couple of weeks before she felt comfortable enough to give Jay’s dick a try. It didn’t go to well, Jay was just too big for her small ass he could barely fit his head inside.



but after a couple of tries we loosed her up enough for him to fit.


By the end she was begging for him to fill her ass with cum. I guess I trained her well. It wasn’t long before she was walking around with a butt plug and asking to be fucked in the ass some more. But we will get to that some other time.




Things are taking a turn…

For the better I think…

So this morning I was looking for my Cell and I couldn’t find it anywhere, I asked Em but she hadn’t seen it since last night. finally I found it on the living room table ( I never leave it there). As I open it up I realize it’s the camera app is still running.

I flip through the latest pictures taken and this is what i found.




This is when I realized there was a post it on the table next to my phone.

” I know about your website, don’t tell Em and post these. I hope you like my shaved cunt better. Too bad you can’t taste it I head I am sweet, well I gave my fingers a lick and Em is right.”

Well damn…


Pre-Valentine Interlude (or if you want Boarder update)

So today I had the afternoon off and got home early, no one was around since our boarder was at University and Jay works till 6pm. I took a long warm bath to relax and decided to peak into my toy chest to see if she returned my Beast this morning after we left.

Yep its back, so I decided to have some fun considering I didn’t get to play with it last night. So I wrap myself in a towel and grab the Beast, a couple of other toys, my bottle of lube and make my way down to the living room. Once all set up I opened up the TV and put on my favorite porn.


After about 1hr I had cum twice and squirted once, and finally reached the point where I was loose enough to take on the Beast. This bad boy doesn’t need much to turn my insides to jello and I could feel myself about to squirt again in time with the end of the scene. The girl had just collapsed on the floor shaking form the massive orgasm as cum leaked out of her mouth, pussy and ass.The 6 guys with big black dicks where jerking around her covering her with cum.

I start to scream with pleasure as I ram the Beast into my pussy as much as i can feeling the pressure build. I pull it out as I cum and squirt all over the floor and living room table.

This is when I hear a gasp come from the hallway, Shit I dident hear the door open, I look up and see our boarder standing there one hand grasping the door frame with white knuckles, her eyes bulging and fixed on the floor in front of me where the Beast is in a pool of my juices and her other hand is covering her mouth, fingers glistening.

I finally see the growing wet spot at the front of her yoga pants, the little slut had been watching for a while. Without thinking I start stroking my pussy softly as it calms down. The movement or the fact that the scene had ended and she pulled her eyes away from the Beast to realize I was looking at her. She blushed like a 16 year old seeing her first cock, and was about to bolt when I said.

“It’s ok sit down, I’m not a prude, shy or ashamed. I was just releasing some tension. ”

I get up and towel off my legs, she is still standing there staring at my naked body. I grab my Icicle and come up to her, and put it in her hands with a tube of lube.

“You look like you need to release some tension too, take this one its my favorite, once your done you can bring it back up. I should be finished cleaning up here and we can have a chat. Oh if you need to grab my laptop in the kitchen on your way down there is some good videos on there too.”

I couldn’t resist and kissed her cheek as i grabbed my stuff and went upstairs.

15 min later when I came back down she had left the living room and my laptop was no longer in the kitchen.

And before someone asks, yes she did return my Icicle and laptop about 30min later. We talked for a while as she told me she found some pictures of me and Jay fucking on my laptop and asked me about the Beast and how I could fit that thing. We had a good laugh and talked about Jay and our relationship. She gasped when I told her I was bisexual and asked her if she had been with a woman before. This went on for about an hour until Jay got home.

Let’s just say she has been warned that things might get noisy this weekend and that if she needed to borrow anything to let me know. 🙂

Happy valentines day



PS: I gave the Icicle a lick when I brought it back up, and she tastes sweet 🙂

Room and Board part 2

So here is a quick update on what has happened this week with our new boarder. The evening after Jay saw her playing with some of my toys, I decided to go through my box and see if she had borrowed anything else. Mostly i wanted an excuse to take out my big black dildo for some fun in the tub.

To my disappointment (and Jay’s), it was nowhere to be found. I guess she was curious, lets be honest that beast is like 17in long and as thick as my arm. So I ended up taking another toy with me. Since Jay was all set up and wanting to take pictures of my playtime with the beast, here is one of the tease shots we did while I had a toy stuck up my ass.


Ok it’s not the beast but I promise we will get some pics of it when I get it back 🙂

After my bath I decided to stop downstairs and see if our boarder needed anything, and if I could spot my beast lying around. Gentle knock at the door, no answer, so I poked my head in and no one was in the main room.

Quick look around but I couldn’t see my toy, the only light was from the bathroom door.

That’s when I heard her, “Fuck….ohhh…ouch… how the hell… maybe… no… awww yesss… it doesn’t fit… too big…” just snippets of her talking to her self between curses and moans.

There’s my toy 😛 I didn’t want to risk peaking in so I slid my phone into the opening and snapped a pic before leaving quickly. When I got back upstairs I checked the pic with Jay.


I figure she got the head past her pussy lips but not much farther, impressive even if its an amateur mistake she can’t just stuff that think in you need to warm up first. Still she has guts I will give her that 🙂 Maybe I will get a chance to teach her. Either way she has a nice ass.