Room and Board

I know I don’t post here often, I usually let Em do all the talking (ok typing). But this time she wanted me to do it.

So this all started about 2 months ago when Em decided she wanted to rent out the basement to get some extra money. It’s got a small living space with a bathroom, so its perfect for a student and they have access to our kitchen and can share our meals if they wanted. We did this before at our old place and had good turnout, so Em put an add at the local University:

Room and Board 15min walk away, Furnished basement rental includes private bathroom and living space. Internet, TV, Meals, inc. Looking for female student only. 

Em did all the interviews, I never get involved with this usually. After 2 or 3 inquiries Em tells me she found someone and would be moving in next month. I saw her only once before the move, early 20’s and as a guy I mostly noticed her body, slim but well rounded in the right places. Se wore heels and a pair of tight jeans and a fitted sweater accentuating her firm tits.

How long is she staying? i asked Em, “3 months, while she finds a new apartment.”

Em gives me that look… and says ” now behave this is not Sarah”

“contrary to what you think not all university girls are oversexed bisexual’s in need of fun.” she continues.

” I guess you, Yuki and Sarah where the exception? I guess I have have to be careful not to make you scream to loudly for the next 3 months.”

As she moved in I tell Em, ” I give her 2 weeks before she finds your toy box. 🙂 ”

“Nope she wont, its well hidden upstairs and she was told the rules, no boys, no parties, no going upstairs.”

“You should know by now, 2 weeks.”

For the first week it’s was fairly quiet we saw her in the morning for breakfast and then for supper or during the evening maybe 3 times. She had a lot of work at school to do and sometimes only grabbed a plate of leftovers that she bought down to her room while she studied. The first weekend we stayed at home and she spent some more time with use, we got to know her a little more. That night I have to admit I was pretty horny and gave Em a good trashing, deep down I hopped the noise would carry to the basement. If she couldn’t stand the sound of Em begging me to fuck her ass harder with my big cock, it would be a long 3 months for her.

The next morning I had my answer, she could not look at me directly and I caught her starring at Em’s ass when she was looking in the fridge. She had clearly heard us. She told us her classes started at 1 today and would be home all morning. Unfortunately Em needed to go into town and I dropped her off on my way to work. She told us not to worry and she would lock everything up before leaving.

Here we go I thought her first day alone in the house second week 🙂 would she go up and see where all the fun happened the night before, or go down and study.

I left my lunch in the fridge and dropped Em off in town, got to work and waited about 1hr before heading back home to get the lunch I had “forgotten” in the fridge. When I arrived i half expected her to be studying at the kitchen table. Nope not there.

Went downstairs and knocked on her door, no answer, I couldn’t resist so I took a peek, Nope she wasn’t here either. As I made my way upstairs I could hear some noise, got ya!, I peek into our room and i see this:


Sent it to Em by text message… ” I win, she found your toy’s”

Em’s big black dildo was on the bed, she had taken it out but probably found it too intimidating. I followed the sounds of moaning to our Den, and there was our student, wearing only a pair of nylon stockings and riding a dildo on our side table.


Took this pic form the door frame and messaged it to Em, “Bonus points, she likes your toys and I think she might not be a natural blond.”

I didn’t want to get caught so I left before getting a chance to see if she enjoyed that dildo or not. I think she did. 🙂 I think the next 2 1/2 months won’t be so bad.

Personally I think she needs to shave that cunt clean, it doesn’t do those wet lips justice.