Trials of the School girl Part 1

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I took so long to get this typed up but I am sure you it will be worth the wait. 🙂

Last time I posted we talked about the girl that was chasing my BF around on campus and how I told her that she would be tested to see if she deserved getting fucked by my BF’s big black dick.

So, last time I had told her she should only wear short skirts and no panties from that point on in case I have my BF the go ahead to do her good, she was very willing and left her panties behind on their first encounter.

That evening she sent me some pic’s with toys exactly as I had told her too. OK this was going to be fun 🙂


If that’s the best she can do … I have a lot of work ahead of me. So I sent her a message back and told her she needs to get some bigger toys if she expects to be able to satisfy my BF! This is how it should be done.


I followed up with this simple message “girl I don’t think you have what it takes… sorry”

Let’s see if she takes the bait 🙂

Two days later I received this:

” Please give me a second chance, I won’t disappoint you again, I got a new toy and I have been working really hard to take it all in, I have been practicing every morning and night while looking at the pictures of when I sucked his big dick. ”

So she has been spending that last two nights sticking a toy in her cunt while looking at my BF’s dick she might have promise after all.

“Would you like some pic’s of him fucking my pussy and ass to help you see what you are missing? show me what your progress is and if I am happy with it, I will send you some.”

Wow that was quick!


“I hope these will show you that I really want those pic’s, I will work twice as hard to fit it all in when I get them.”

Well I have to say I give her A for effort so I sent her these of me Jay and my BF:




“Ok I can see your trying but twice a day isn’t enough so from now on keep that thing in your backpack at school and practice on your lunch break in the toilet. If you improve quickly enough you might get to visit my BF’s office and show him your skills”

The only answer i got was “Oh yes please I’ll do anything.”

I think I need to meet this one…

End of part 1


Valentine’s Day Diary Part 2

Day 2: February 15th

The guys told use to get cleaned up as they went downstairs to make breakfast. I started filing up the spa tub while Sarah hopped into the shower, I entered right behind her and offered to scrub her back. We quickly moved to the tub and soaked for a while, using a soapy sponge to gently caress each other. Eventually the guys came us to find out what was taking so long and caught me sitting on the edge of the tub legs wrapped around Sarah’s neck holding on to dear life as I started to cum all over her soft tongue. They where kind enough to let me return the favor before taking us down stairs for breakfast.

As we where about to get dressed Jay told us their would be a price to pay for our little play time in the tub without them. We would be spending the day naked and they would tell us how/when/where we would get pleasure. I have to admit this had me more than a little hot, I do have a tendency to like being ordered around and forced to submit. Deep down i wanted them to order me to take both their cocks at the same time. With these thoughts at the back of my mind my pussy was already dripping when i reached the kitchen.

Once we had eaten Mike told us to go sit in the living room, the sunlight was bright coming form the large windows and the sun felt warm on our naked skin. We lounged on the sofa so the guys would have a good view of us when the entered. Finally the guys joined us carrying Mikes camera bag, I guess they wanted to start the fun early, I was definitely not the one that was going to complain. I have to say Mike did a great job with the pictures, some of the portraits he did of me and Sarah are just amazing! Here are a couple of shots from that morning.

show1(Sarah on the left, me on the right)


(a nice shot of Sarah with her back to the window.)

As we started taking more active photo’s me and Sarah started taking about what our fantasies were. I was quick to bring up the fact that I always wanted to have 2 guys take me at the same time was something i never got a chance to try. Sarah chimed in that she really wanted to have Jay and Mike in her ass at the same time. (Thanks Sarah great way to raise the bar!)

With all this talk the guys where done watching and wanted to get a little more involved. (It was pretty obvious by the hard-on’s they where hiding in their pants.) Mike asked us to star eating each other as they took a couple more snapshots and got undressed. By the time the guys finally joined us I was on top of Sarah and we were both pretty wet. The first thing i felt was Sarah pulling her tongue away from my clit and something big pressing against my pussy. Strong hands grabbed my ass as i felt the long shaft slide into me in one hard push, as I lifted my head to let out a moan I came face to face with another big cock. Hands grabbed me by the hair and before I knew it I was being filled by both ends.

The guys where pretty wound up and it didn’t take them long to come. Jay was first filling my mouth, I tried my best to not to spill too much, Mike filled my pussy not long after.


(Sarah looking for a snack)

At this point Mike was able to get this amazing shot of me and Sarah sharing this tasty reward.


Once we were finished cleaning up :), Jay grabbed Sarah and pushed her back down and told her she would be the first to get her wish. At this point i decided to sit down on the sofa and enjoy the show. (I needed a brake anyway.) She quickly found herself face down, ass in the air, as Jay started to warm her up. Everyone knew very well that Jay was also getting what he wanted, it wasn’t long before he was roughly ramming his large cock into her ass. After a couple of minutes Sarah was really enjoying herself and Jay, in one motion, flipped her over so she was now on top of him while he sat down on the sofa next to me. I have to say by that time I had my fingers in my pussy and Mike was stroking himself slowly as we watched them.

This is when Mike gave me the camera and told me to start taking pictures, he then moved to join them and slid himself into her pussy. I have to say Sarah is pretty vocal when she comes. Actually we both are, but this was loud, she started trashing around and screaming as she came sandwiched by two large cocks. Before she got to tired Mike pulled out of her dripping pussy and added some extra lube before forcing his big cock head into her occupied ass.

da1(I have to say I am pretty proud of this pic :), yes I took this.)

And this is what she looked like after they where done with her.


After all this it was almost lunch time so we decided to take a nap upstairs and eat after.

When we woke up it was almost 3 pm and we where starving. We decided to go for a early supper and got dressed, headed out to find a place to eat. The place was packed and we decided to stick to acceptable public conversation. ( which means boring :), but that left us plenty of time to plan the evening.)

When we got home later that evening we decided to start slowly and pulled out the toys we where supposed to review. We had lots of fun just playing around and talking, the guys watched and took some pictures but it was a nice change of pace. (Even for me the last 2 days and been pretty intense.)

While we where lying naked on the bed the guys finally approached us and Mike whispered something to Sarah. she got up and sat down in one of the chairs. Jay came up to me and kissed my neck and whispered “it’s your turn” as he put a scarf around my eyes. The rest was kind of a blur, I don’t know howling it was but  I felt hands all over my body, lips and tongues playing over every inch of my skin. Finally i felt a warm tongue slide into my pussy and I cried with pleasure, I grabbed whoever it was and wrapped my legs around their head. We rolled around until i was on top, that’s when i felt some hands push me down and something cold and hard press against my ass. To my surprise it slid right in, it was my favorite glass butt plug, the one that Jay always uses to stretch me before anal sex. It this point it was clear what was about to happen and I wanted it so badly that I started screaming:

“Yes! I want you both in me now!”

“Fill my ass and pussy with your big cocks!”

Well guess what, they did and I have to say I was great! I don’t know how long they lasted pumping me like that but I must have come at least two or three times. At some point they took off my blindfold and the moment I saw myself in the mirror with these two guys on me and came again, Hard!. Thank god Sarah was there to take pictures.

3 11

And this is what i looked like when they where done


(Ok I’m not a big photo person but Mike said this was probably his best HDR shot ever. I’m honored that it was of my ass :). )

Everyone was pretty exhausted by then and we called it a night, we wanted some time together the next morning because we knew that Sarah and Mike would be leaving before lunch.