I know its been a while

Hi everyone,

I hope you haven’t forgotten about us I know we haven’t 🙂 I has been very crazy here and we are just starting to get things figured out.

Here is the short version because it doesn’t involve me or Kay getting repeatedly banged by huge cocks. And we know its the only reason you come to this site 😉

Six months ago we got an offer to buy our house, it was out of the blue and it was not on the market but this guy showed up at our door and offered us a lot more than it was worth. So we did what any sane person would do… we took the money. Kay was happy for us and moved in with her BF while we put everything in storage and went house shopping.

Lets just say its a lot more complicated than we expected. It took us almost 6 months, price wasent the problem we where very picky about what we wanted. Bigger house nicer neighborhood, we wanted a higher end basement apartment to rent out. But after all that we did find it! it’s great but we just moved in last week and are still living in boxes.

ok so that is why we have been out of touch for so long, now on to the good and the bad news.

Bad news first, It will probably be a couple more months before we can start posting again, we still have to unpack and Jay and I are taking a well earned vacation to a sunny beach somewhere. don’t worry we will get some good pictures for you. Also Kay will not be moving back in 😦 I know we are sad about it too but she decided to stay at her BF’s place.

Now the good news, Kay decided to stay on as a contributor and will be posting her own adventures on this site. also she does stop by regularly and promised not to let you wanting of her big round tits.

We have not found someone to rent the new apartment yet but i’m sure with our track record she will be fun. 😉

enough talk here’s some pictures


schoolgirl taking some deep throat lessons


Jay getting a quickie with Kay in the back of the moving van.

And here is me and Jay giving the new basement a test run 😉


I love the taste of sweet pussy.


yes! fuck me on the sofa


really now i have to clean up.


better start with the floor


I always look good after a facial, don’t you think so?

Hope you enjoy and will be back soon.


Trials of the schoolgirl 2

Here we go for the second part of this story. It’s worth the wait I promise 🙂

So I let her stew for about a week after our last conversation. By the end she was going crazy, messaging me every couple of hours, begging me to answer.

“What do you want Toy?” I finally sent her.


“I asked you what you want, If you want to be our fuck toy you will answer promptly with yes my Lady! Now answer me Toy?” ok I might have been pushing it here but figured it was worth a try, It kind of got me hot calling her Toy 😉

Her reply was more than I could ever expect.

“I want you man’s big black dick my Lady, I want to be used as the Slutty Toy that I am.”

“Toy you’re not ready for that just yet. Let’s start with some questions”

“Yes my Lady!”

“How old are you and when did you fuck your first dick?”

“I am 21 my Lady and I swallowed my first load of cum at 16, in exchange I got a passing grade in math, before the end of the school year I was fucking him weekly and passed with an A.”

“So you always fuck someone when you want something or do you just have a thing for teachers?”

“Sometimes, but with your man my Lady I would give anything for him to use me”

“Ok Toy have you ever fucked with another woman?”

“Once my Lady, on my first year at college, we where pretty drunk and I only remember waking up naked in her bed as she was licking my pussy.”

“Last question for today Toy, craziest sex you ever had?”

“oh my, ok… at the end of that year in High school when I was 16, I got a note from the Math teacher, he invited me to his place. He was having a party and wanted me to be there, I was young and foolish, when I arrived he told me the truth I wasn’t a guest he wanted me to be the entertainment for a bachelor party. In exchange he would make sure my next years math teacher would give me good grades. He promised no one would know who I was, hidden inside the box, all I had to do was suck any dicks that poked the box. Before the guests entered he blindfolded me and stuck me inside the box. In that next hour I must have sucked 20 dicks, while they laughed and cheered. By the end I was covered in cum, horny as hell and my fingers where working overtime on my swollen clit. That’s when I heard them start chanting “do it, do it, do it!” I guessed the Groom was going to take his turn. They started rattling the box and I felt this wet dick poke my face, I started sucking it, he kept pushing it harder. When I tried to move away I felt hands hold my head as he forced his dick down my throat. The second he hit my gag reflex he came in a torrent of hot cum. As I coughed and tried to catch my breath someone pulled off my blindfold. there I was on the floor covered in cum, my teacher holding my pony tail with one hand, sloppy cock in the other surrounded by men wearing ski masks. Some of them must have been from my school since there was more than one exclamation of “hey I know this Slut!” The next year was a living hell, every time I got good grades or some guy looked at me too long, all I could think of was if I had sucked his dick at that party.”

“Toy that was perfect I think you deserve a reward, tomorrow at 2 pm stop by my man’s office. don’t be late”

“oh yes my Lady!”

The next day she showed up just as I was making out with my BF in his office. Her reward was to watch him fuck me live. I have her my phone so she could take some pictures.

And yes she got to clean up the leftovers off my face.

Part 3 should follow soon.



Trials of the School girl Part 1

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I took so long to get this typed up but I am sure you it will be worth the wait. 🙂

Last time I posted we talked about the girl that was chasing my BF around on campus and how I told her that she would be tested to see if she deserved getting fucked by my BF’s big black dick.

So, last time I had told her she should only wear short skirts and no panties from that point on in case I have my BF the go ahead to do her good, she was very willing and left her panties behind on their first encounter.

That evening she sent me some pic’s with toys exactly as I had told her too. OK this was going to be fun 🙂


If that’s the best she can do … I have a lot of work ahead of me. So I sent her a message back and told her she needs to get some bigger toys if she expects to be able to satisfy my BF! This is how it should be done.


I followed up with this simple message “girl I don’t think you have what it takes… sorry”

Let’s see if she takes the bait 🙂

Two days later I received this:

” Please give me a second chance, I won’t disappoint you again, I got a new toy and I have been working really hard to take it all in, I have been practicing every morning and night while looking at the pictures of when I sucked his big dick. ”

So she has been spending that last two nights sticking a toy in her cunt while looking at my BF’s dick she might have promise after all.

“Would you like some pic’s of him fucking my pussy and ass to help you see what you are missing? show me what your progress is and if I am happy with it, I will send you some.”

Wow that was quick!


“I hope these will show you that I really want those pic’s, I will work twice as hard to fit it all in when I get them.”

Well I have to say I give her A for effort so I sent her these of me Jay and my BF:




“Ok I can see your trying but twice a day isn’t enough so from now on keep that thing in your backpack at school and practice on your lunch break in the toilet. If you improve quickly enough you might get to visit my BF’s office and show him your skills”

The only answer i got was “Oh yes please I’ll do anything.”

I think I need to meet this one…

End of part 1


The Weekly Quicky 4

Been a while since I posted something in the Quicky section so here is a small SMS conversation I had with Kay a couple of months back when she was making her boyfriend wait while she was getting ready to go out 🙂


Yep I was not going to let a black cock go to waste while she spent a hour getting ready.



Yep I gave her 10 min before getting him out of his pants, I didn’t hear him complain once 😉 but he did make a mess of my hair.



Yep while I was sucking his big black dick, Jay was downstairs fucking her tits I guess we both got Cum for our trouble 😉


Love Em.

It’s Been a while

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since our last post on this page. Jay and I have been really busy this summer and didn’t have time to sit down at go over all that has been happening so we could share it with you.

Fist off I know we have been getting a lot of email’s so we will answer this here. YES! Kay is still living in our basement and she has extended her lease for an extra year. I know that will make some of you very happy. We have more on that later.

Now what is new with our lives that we would like to share,  we have been receiving some private emails since we met with our friends Paul and Julie last year. Some of you wanted to see more and even offered to help you 🙂 so kind of you. Earlier this summer Jay was invited by some of his friends for a poker party and i was welcome to join them. A night of guys, booze, cigars and playing cards was not exactly what I plan for my Saturday nights but what the hell, so I went with Jay. After an hour or so Jay was down 200$ and the guys started joking that he would have to leave me here tonight to pay his debt. He laughed, but I felt a cold sweat between my breast when he answered:

“Sure if I loose the next hand she is all yours, just make sure to be a little rough she likes that.”


I guess I misunderstood when he said Poke her…


Jay Holding me while the guys strip me down

and he lost…


Me making the rounds


The big black spit


4 guys, only 3 holes, someone will have to wait.


I should play poker more often.


Stop slapping my ass and stick your dick in it. me and my big mouth.


Good thing there is an extra guy for the camera.


Ok that hurt 2 big dicks in my pussy, just not fitting.


You can pull on that belt around my neck all you want 2 wont fit.


Jay filled me up first. Overflowing my pussy.


Number 2 fucked my ass then shot all over my pussy, and tits, and sofa.


They even made me clean up his mess.


Guy #3 went straight for my face so I sucked him dry.


Yep I might look like a mess but I sure enjoyed myself.


And the evening winner!

The Tennent

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posting this but Valentines day was more distracting than we expected :). For people that haven’t been following what has been going on in the last month or so we will do a quick recap but if you want to get the full story please go take a look at these posts (and comments)

Room and Board

Room and Board part 2

Pre-Valentine Interlude (or if you want Boarder update)

Things are taking a turn…

Ok now lets get started, first off Jay and I will be taking turns writhing this because we where not both there during the entire story. So at the start of each paragraph we will put the name of the person writing so its easier to follow.


Intro (Jay)

A couple of months back Em decided we should rent out our basement apartment to a student, its not the first time and we could use the extra money. For those that follow us you know that our previous student boarder was Sarah. Em did all the hard work, posted the add, did the interviews and picked our new house guest. The first time I finally met her was the week before she was to move in when she came to finalize the lease. Early 20’s, slim but with nice curves, she was wearing heels and a pair of tight jeans that showed off her ass and a fitted sweater that made her nice tits stand out.

Right away the quips started when Em say me inspecting her.

Em: “Behave this is not Sarah, Contrary to what you think not all Uni girls are oversexed bisexual’s.”

Me: ” I guess you, Yuki and Sarah where exceptions then? I bet you she finds your toy box in less than 2 weeks.”

Em:” she know the house rules no poking around upstairs, I’ll take that bet.”

The first week was pretty quiet and we didn’t see much of our new guest. After a week of trying to be careful  about making Em scream to loudly when having sex I have to say I was getting pretty horny and needed to give Em a good trashing. If she couldn’t stand the sound of Em begging me to fuck her ass harder with my big cock, it would be a long 3 months for her.When she came up for breakfast the next morning it was clear on her face that she had heard us. Good!

One morning that week when she only had afternoon class I decided to stop by before lunch and look in on how things where going (yes i was hoping to win the bet). As I made my way upstairs I could hear some noise, got ya! Em’s toy box was open on our bed and I could hear moaning coming from the den.


Sent it to Em by text message… ” I win, she found your toy’s, Oh and I don’t think she is a natural blonde :)”

When i posted this story on our blog I added the comment : “Personally I think she needs to shave that cunt clean, it doesn’t do those wet lips justice. ” This would bite me in the ass later.

Over the next few days we would discover that toys would disappear from the box and show up a day or 2 later. One night Em went looking for the favorite big dildo (the beast) and eventually made her way down to the basement and bravely poked her head into our guests room. Finding her on the bathroom floor trying to ride the beast.


She seemed to be having a hard time and not getting passed the head.

The next day the beast was back in the box and Em had the house to herself so she decided to have some fun and watch her favorite porn while taking on the beast.


She quickly lost track of time as she worked herself up to the big black dildo. After finally getting it in her cunt, it didn’t take long for her to start cumming and screaming as the pressure built in her pussy. She quickly started to squirt all over the living room floor and table.

This is when Em realized that she was not alone and saw our guest white knuckles holding on the door frame and starring at her a wet spot growing on the crotch of her yoga pants. Em handed her a glass dildo, and told her to borrow her laptop if she wanted to watch anything. ” You look like you need to release some tension too. ” Kissing her cheek she went to clean herself up, later when she came back down they both sat in the kitchen and had a long chat, our guest told Em that she found pics of us fucking on the laptop. The conversation quickly moved to our sex life and how it might get noisy this weekend with Valentines day coming up.

Em later commented when she got the dildo back, she gave it a lick and she tastes sweet.

The next morning I found my Cell on the kitchen table, I don’t usually leave it there, when I opened it the Camera was still running. Strange. So I flipped to the last pictures taken and this is what i found.

There was a post-it on the table next to my phone and it read:

” I know about your website, don’t tell Em and post these. I hope you like my shaved cunt better. Too bad you can’t taste it I head I am sweet, well I gave my fingers a lick and Em is right.”

Chapter 1: Saturday 13th (Em)

It was a quiet afternoon just before Valentines day, Jay was gone to work and would not be back until supper. I was browsing our Blog because we had been getting an influx of new people since we started posting about our Blonde border. Especially a girl calling herself KP, she had posted a lot of comments in the last couple of days, they ranged from excited and suggestive on some of our older posts to downright aggressive and defensive when when it came to our recent stuff.  Finally everything made sense when I say Jay’s post. KP was our boarder and she must have found our site open on my laptop the other day. This is where she found our pictures.

Without realizing it as I looked at her pictures my hand had slipped down to my cunt and was stroking my wet slit. I started writing a comment, knowing she was probably downstairs reading it.

“I want to run downstairs and wrap my arms around you, suck your wonderfully round tits, bury my face between your legs and lick every last drop of juice pouring out of your shaved pussy.

I want you to slide my fingers through your blonde hair and press your lips against my cunt as squirt my juices down your neck and tits. Then bring you upstairs so we can take a long bath in our double tub and spend the rest of the afternoon naked on my bed.

fuck just writing this i’m dripping wet and rubbing myself.


Minutes later the reply came:

“I guess I was a little to obvious. My god Em that is the most erotic thing anyone has ever said to me, and the fact that it’s here for everyone to see.

Yes! Fuck Yes… Come down now my cunt is soaking wet.Il keep it distracted with my fingers but god I fucking want you to eat me!

What is wrong with me I see one woman squirting and all I can think about is how I had wished my face had been buried between your legs.

Just fucking get here before I change my idiot mind.


I grabbed the first toy from the box and made my way downstairs, leaving a trail of clothing behind me. By the time I reached her door and pushed it open I was naked and dripping.  She was laying on the bed, her big round tits arching to the ceiling as she figured herself. I sat on the bed and pulled her dripping fingers out of her cunt and licked them clean. Definitely sweet. I moved her hand to my own dripping pussy as I kissed her neck. As my lips moved from her breast to her neck and eventually to her lips, she begged me to lick her cunt. I let her beg a little more then made my way down to her spread pussy. As I slid my tongue into her open cunt it was like an electric shock went through her body. She started to cum and liquid poured into my mouth I quickly buried my face between her legs and sucked hard. She screamed and grabbed my head as she came hard.

The next half hour was mostly a blur as we explored each other. At some point while we where catching our breath I asked her if she would like to take some pictures for Jay it would be a nice Vday gift for him to get off on.

Here are some of the better ones:

Eventually we made our way up to my room and talked as we enjoyed a long bath together.

I could see she wanted to say something but was too shy to say it. So I started talking about my relationship with Jay, our sex life, how we both enjoy watching the other as they fuck other people. She started to open up and asked me what it had been like to have sex with multiple guys. She also wanted to know why we put our sex life on display for strangers to see. I told her how we started and how it really got us excited to know people where avidly watching us and probably jerking off.

As we finished playing in the tub and toweled ourselves off, it finally came out. Kay asked me “So what are you planning for Valentines day?”

Em:” I’m not sure yet, probably some hot dress, something to Jay can tie me up with and a lot of his cock in my ass. He has been holding back since your arrived, so that I wouldn’t scream to loudly.”

Kay: ” None has ever fucked my ass before, It must hurt. … do you think… well… would it be… can I … you know… watch?”

I started to laugh… ” If you want to .. .sure… but I warn you, no one ever just watches, every time they end up joining in. ”

Kay looks at me for a bit: ” Fine screw it I want in. but… promise me Jay wont fuck my ass, I don’t think I am ready for that.”

I smile at her as I bring her to our bedroom ” I think we can keep him distracted enough, now lets plan the next 48 hrs”

Chapter 2: That Evening (Jay)

It had been a long day at work, I had no idea what had been going on at home in my absence with the two conspiring sluts in my bedroom.  When I got home Em greeted me at the door wearing an amazing black mini, high heels and probably nothing much else. I asked her :”Are we going anywhere?”

Em: ” Nope, but we are alone and I figured I would give you a head start on tomorrow.”

She turns around and gets something off the floor, her dress rides up giving me a perfect view of her garter belt and the butt plug between her exposed ass cheeks. I slide my finger down her crack and slide it into her already wet pussy. She straightens up and pushes away.

Em: ” Not yet dear but soon. Go sit in the kitchen.”

As we make our way to the kitchen, she takes off my jacket and starts to untie my pants. Now here I am standing in the kitchen with my pants around my ankles my shirt half undone. Em pushes me on the chair and sits in my lap, I can feel her wet pussy as she grinds it on my quickly growing dick. More than once she pushes my hands away as I try to grab her. Finally she gets up and ties my hands to the back of the chair, but instead of coming back to sit in my lap she sits on the table 3 feet away and starts playing with herself. After a minute or so I tell her to get her tight ass back here so I can fuck her good, I can’t stand watching any longer.

Finally she gets up and sits on my dick again her sloppy pussy opens up like a flower and just swallows me straight to the base, but still she doesn’t start to ride me. Now i’m getting mad as she starts to undo my tie.

Jay: ” Bitch, stop being a tease and fuck me like you mean it or you will get a rough time when I get loose.” This is when the slut gets off me and starts to blindfold me with my tie.

This is where I start cursing at her in Japanese (I don’t know much but I use it very effectively), that usually means i’m not messing around and she should start being a good slave. ” Bitch! come here and satisfy me or you will be punished like the sex slave you are.”

Normally one of two things happen when I say this. She either starts to blow my dick hard until I shoot a load down her throat or she sits her ass on my dick until I fill her up with cum. Damn slut is being rebellious today, I’m tied to a chair, blindfolded and I can hear her moving around nearby giggling.

Finally I say as I feel her hair fall against my lap, wet tentative lips wrap themselves around my cock head as she starts sucking my dick. I curse at her for tying my hands and tell her to go deeper, as I try to thrust up into her mouth. I hear her gag slightly and pull away as I must have caught her by surprise, but she gets it back in more eager than before.

Chapter 3 The swap (KP)

Okay, so you might have guessed already Em was not the one doing the sucking 🙂 The plan was to have her get him hot and ready then tie him to the chair, blindfolded and stripped down so I could come in and give him a good blowjob. Em was beside me coaching me as she watched and fingered herself. Em might have done her job a little to well as he was very eager when I started to suck his dick (which is pretty thick) and kept thrusting up into my throat making me gag. Not wanting to blow the plan (Yes i went there) I quickly got a hang of when he would thrust and adjusted to it. It wasn’t long after that he started saying something in Japaneses (Em whispered to me that he was about to blow his load) I started sucking harder and as I felt him cum I grabbed the base of his dick, squeezed as I tickled his cock head with my tongue. Hot cum started to splash on my face.


This is when Em taking a quick snapshot took off his blindfold. Tadam! surprise. Oh I think he was surprised as he stared confused at me licking cum off his shaft. I wrapped my lips around his head and sucked hard to pull any cum left inside. It was his turn to surprise me as I felt his dick jerk hard in my mouth and another hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed hard to avoid choking as I felt it slowly make its way down my throat. I had never swallowed before, I might just get use to this.

I ask Em as she licks the cum off my face, ” can you untie him now I would like him to return the favor.”

Before I knew it I was on the floor stripped bare and Jay was giving my pussy the best workout ever.

After such an amazing session on the floor I asked him if I could have another load of his warm cum. Em smiled clearly approving of my desire to suck her husbands dick again. Jay grabbed me by the hair and pushed me against the back wall and started to pump his cock into my mouth. His dick was boiling hot and I don’t know if its even possible but it felt even larger than before , as he thrust deeper with every stroke, pressing me against the wall and my hair in his fist. Em besides me telling me to relax as she fingered my pussy, telling me when to breath and when to swallow.

I could hear Jay saying how eating my cunt had made him horny and how he wanted to fuck me. Before I realized it i could feel his balls slapping against my chin, a quick moment of panic as I felt his bulging cock head pushed all the way down my throat. A second later the panic was gone, i was not gagging and I was cumming against Em’s fingers. I must have contracted my throat and mouth around his dick when I cam because I instantly felt Jay’s balls tighten against my face, he tried to pull away, I could feel the cum rise up his shaft with my tongue. I grabbed his ass and held him there, I wanted his cum so badly. Then I felt it, the fist hot squirt of sweet cum, and then another, and more, fuck there is a lot, I started to swallow but I wasn’t fast enough, another squirt, it started to fill my mouth, shit my mouth is full of his cock already, the pressure is too much and it starts to leak out the side of my mouth.


After that we all needed a break and when upstairs to clean up.

Chapter 3 The end (Em)

Ok I know this has been a long post so we will try to finish this up with some pictures of a day and a half of sex and fun that we just started to recover from.

Love Em, Jay and Kay

Hye-won, slut school is in session

Ok, this will probably be short but will try to give everyone a clear update.

So, got to work this morning, after yesterday I couldn’t wait to see Hye-won (yes she has a name). Our last conversation was by TXT and she and ended by telling me I would get a blowjob in the bosses office as he is away.

Day started slowly as every time she looked at me she went beet red. Great she is being a prude… so sent her a pic by phone of Em doing deep throat from a previous post. ” you ready slut?”

I heard a gasp from across the desk, eyes wide she was staring a her phone biting her fingers. Enough waiting… “Get up and bring that file to the bosses office.”

… nothing… ” NOW slut!” … there we go off she goes to the office. I give her 5 min and go in behind her.

I lock the door and turn around, there she is leaning on the bosses desk one hand up her skirt while staring at her phone. well well not so stuck up after all. She looks at me and says is that even possible? It’s so big, how does your wife do it.

“Lots of practice so you better get started” I pull out my phone and ask her to pose for a picture, she stares at me. “I should have guessed you wanted proof I was going to suck your dick, will they end up on your blog?”

I guess you want pictures to prove your wife it happened?

I guess you want pictures to prove your wife it happened?

“Probably unless you don’t want to.” Then she asked me if the boss or other employees here know about it. “Of course not”

“Ok then please post them and prove I am not stuck up, it’s payback to my ex” Now we are talking!

show me that ass again, damn I want to fuck it.

show me that ass again, damn I want to fuck it.

Some dirty talk, fingering and pussy eating later and she was hot and ready. even betting for me to stick my dick in her mouth.

You taste good, i think your horny enough to suck my dick.

You taste good, i think your horny enough to suck my dick.

First lesson, I tell if she wants to act like a slut and have every dick at her beck and call, is to learn to crawl. Get on the floor and beg for my dick.

Not a bad start but you can do better.

Not a bad start but you can do better.

you can go deeper, here let me show you.

you can go deeper, here let me show you.

Ok that was the easy lesson, time to step it up. Go Deeper… “Wwath…omhmmm”

Guess you never did this before time to fight that gag reflex.

take a breath slut its going back in... deeper. I have to hold her back a little she wants more.

take a breath slut its going back in… deeper. I have to hold her back a little she wants more.

That's it, the drool will help get more of my dick down your throat.

That’s it, the drool will help get more of my dick down your throat.

sorry about the hair and makeup, Ill go deeper next time.

sorry about the hair and makeup, Ill go deeper next time.

There we go that’s better. “Do you like it? do you want more.”

“Oh god yes! ohmmmhm…” she just had to ask.

This is where I moved the lamp off the table grabbed her by the hair and a nipple and laid her down on the desk time to see if we got passed the gag reflex.

“Slut, remember that picture of my wife, now is your turn.” She just nodded and laid her head back and opened her mouth wide. I give her a once over, eyes glazed over, face covered in drool and pre-cum, tits hard as rock and he panties soaked through… I finally realized that during one of my last pushes to get my dick down her throat she must have cum. She is in that high just after ecstasy and would probably do just about anything to keep it going.

There is the enthusiasm I have been waiting for.

There is the enthusiasm I have been waiting for.

Now she is eager and dives for my cock before I can stick it in… I’m not complaining 🙂

Let's see if I can get my balls to slap your face without gagging.

Let’s see if I can get my balls to slap your face without gagging.

Ok well there was still a little bit of gagging involved but she didn’t stop until my balls where in her face. Not perfect marks but she passes with extra credits for effort.

This is where I’m at the limit, I tell her as I’m fucking her throat that I’m going to cum and she better start swallowing. Before I know it she is sitting on the desk shaking her head… no no no no…

“Not the time to get prudish with me slut” I grab her by the hair and drag her to her knees.

“Please don’t make me swallow your cum I don’t think I could do it…”

At this point I am too far gone to want to fight with her.

“Fine you prudish bitch, I wont force you to swallow now suck me off!”

“Time you learned the next lesson anyway”

I grab her by the hair with both hands and ram my dick in her mouth hard, she starts gagging right away but I’m about to cum and I wont stop.

One final thrust and I hold it there, my cock starts to pulse as the cum rises up my shaft. I know she feels it because her eyes start to bulge worried that I will fill her mouth anyway.

At the last second I pull out.

If you wont swallow bitch you will need a shower.

If you wont swallow bitch you will need a shower.

I keep her head close and my first squirt of cum hits her open mouth, she tries to pull away as she spits it down her face. I have a good grip on her hair and she isent going anywhere.

Lesson two completed you're officially a slut. Next time learn to swallow or bring a change of cloths.

Lesson two completed you’re officially a slut. Next time learn to swallow or bring a change of cloths.

I finish cumming all over her face and she just stares at me. “This was your last lesson for today, always swallow when you blow a guy in public. If you don’t, better have a change of cloths.”

As i sit back into the chair I tell her ” You better get cleaned up you have a meeting in 15min”

This is when she ran out of the office full speed, cum still dripping down her face.

She didn’t make the meeting, she called in sick for the rest of the afternoon.

Figured I wouldn’t see her again but got a TXT when I got home last night.

Hye-won:” You are right I am a slut, I never felt anything like today, went home and took hot shower but couldn’t stop playing with myself. Tomorrow night after work will you teach me more? I want to please men like your wife. I wish I had swallowed… maybe tomorrow. Say Yes.”



Weekend with Yuki

Hi everyone,

Yes, yes i know a lot of you have been bugging us about our next post and I am sorry, I keep pushing it back 🙂 well I figured after about 1 year since Yuki’s last visit I should probably post some updates.

Guess what Yuki is here this weekend 🙂 she was back in town for business and spent the weekend we us. we decided to go out and party. here are some pics from our hotel room after a night of drinking and clubbing in down town.

It’s an image play by play of Jay getting a double blowjob and Yuki getting what she deserves. 🙂

EmStart Sharing Yuki_takesover Yuki_wins

Ok you observant people you spotted my hair is back to its natural color of black 😛 still haven’t decided if i should go red or back to purple. But i have to say Yuki is looking really hot in blonde don’t you thing?

Oh and yes that is my tongue cleaning Yuki, but i cropped myself out because my makeup was a mess and I am a shallow woman 🙂

love Em!

Request 5: Paul (Cum filled pussy)

Hi paul,

since you felt so left out I decided to get you started with these and i will add more this weekend just for you. 🙂

first off is exactly what you asked my pussy dripping with Jay’s cum.

driping pussy

and as a little extra here is a snapshot we took about 1hr ago after Jay got back from his business trip (he was gone for a week to Europe). this always happens when he doesn’t get his daily dose of me 🙂 It accumulates into massive loads of cum, and when he is back he makes sure i get covered in it.

facialEmI have a plan for a very special pick just for you Paul should have it up soon.