It’s Been a while

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since our last post on this page. Jay and I have been really busy this summer and didn’t have time to sit down at go over all that has been happening so we could share it with you.

Fist off I know we have been getting a lot of email’s so we will answer this here. YES! Kay is still living in our basement and she has extended her lease for an extra year. I know that will make some of you very happy. We have more on that later.

Now what is new with our lives that we would like to share,  we have been receiving some private emails since we met with our friends Paul and Julie last year. Some of you wanted to see more and even offered to help you 🙂 so kind of you. Earlier this summer Jay was invited by some of his friends for a poker party and i was welcome to join them. A night of guys, booze, cigars and playing cards was not exactly what I plan for my Saturday nights but what the hell, so I went with Jay. After an hour or so Jay was down 200$ and the guys started joking that he would have to leave me here tonight to pay his debt. He laughed, but I felt a cold sweat between my breast when he answered:

“Sure if I loose the next hand she is all yours, just make sure to be a little rough she likes that.”


I guess I misunderstood when he said Poke her…


Jay Holding me while the guys strip me down

and he lost…


Me making the rounds


The big black spit


4 guys, only 3 holes, someone will have to wait.


I should play poker more often.


Stop slapping my ass and stick your dick in it. me and my big mouth.


Good thing there is an extra guy for the camera.


Ok that hurt 2 big dicks in my pussy, just not fitting.


You can pull on that belt around my neck all you want 2 wont fit.


Jay filled me up first. Overflowing my pussy.


Number 2 fucked my ass then shot all over my pussy, and tits, and sofa.


They even made me clean up his mess.


Guy #3 went straight for my face so I sucked him dry.


Yep I might look like a mess but I sure enjoyed myself.


And the evening winner!