A quick poll


so what does everyone want to see next? we have a lot of new people on here and I want to hear from you quiet guys back there jerking off. 😉

Love Em

Here is some incentive 😛

We are sorry!


If you have tried to view some of our content this past week you will have noticed that we are having issues.

We have been testing some new formats for our page and it has caused some difficulties for some to access some older posts.

We hope to have it fixed soon.


Caption this!



Your challenge if you chose to accept it 😛 is to create a caption to this image. The best caption wins and will get a free request pic of their choice. The pic will of course be posted here for all to enjoy.



When I get 10 caption submissions in the comments I will also post the story of what happened here. 😛

You will enjoy it i promise.